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Today I thought I’d sort of reintroduce my purpose here with this blog to mark my first in depth article since my return, and also to set course in a new direction.  As I said a few days ago, my older material was a great foundation but I’ve reached the point where it’s time to dig deeper.  Let’s start out by explaining the web address/domain name I’ve chosen.

Choosing a domain name is not easy.  You want something marketable with some alliteration, but when you come up with those type of names the demand is much higher so purchasing the domain can be costly (a few thousand dollars), if they’re even available.  Since I’m not making money here this wasn’t a reasonable investment at this time.

Just this morning I was thinking to myself how so many people settle for an average life.  They get their average education.  They float by with average grades.  They work an average job, with average pay, and an average level of fulfillment, which isn’t very high.  They spend their time doing average things like watching TV, following their favorite sports teams, reality TV shows, celebrities, and whatever else the main stream tells them is important.  Well I came to the realization that the average life just wasn’t good enough for me.  I could live like that if I believed it would bring me happiness and fulfillment, but in my opinion, those who walk that path will never find either.  They’re living their lives based on someone else’s’ values.  They’re doing what they believe they’re supposed to do, and their main concern is fitting in, being trendy, being able to talk about what everyone else tells them is important without ever having to use their own minds, formulate their own opinions, or decide what really matter to them in life.

I wanted to write about the mindset that allowed me to branch off of that path in life and to find my own way.  A better way with more depth, and an over all richer experience.  If you want to be above average you have to do things differently and some people may not be up for walking the path I’m proposing.  You have to be willing to go the extra mile.  You have to decide what really matters.  You have to realize your time is limited and therefore is your most valuable resource.  You only have so many days on this planet and often times, we live in denial of this fact on some level.  Why are you sitting in front of a TV when your time is limited?  Aren’t there things you want to accomplish?  Don’t you have values that dictate your behavior?  If you value your time, yourself, other people, if you have a purpose in life why wouldn’t you be out taking action in some way shape or form, to make your dreams a reality?  Why aren’t you creating an above average existence?  It’s not about superficial materialistic things either.  If you want to contribute, make the lives of others better, provide for your family, give something back to mankind, whatever it may be, it doesn’t take much to just get out and do it.


It just blows my mind to see so many guys who know so much about a favorite sports team, or who can name every actor/actress is Hollywood, but know nothing about how the world works, who’s in control of the planets resources, the media, have influence over the government, and things like that which will actually impact their lives directly.  I know a lot of people who invest a ton of time playing sports.  They’re called KIDS.  I used to be one of them.

I don’t care how good you are at a game.  It doesn’t impress me.  Yes, it’s entertaining and its a part of our culture but that’s the extent of it for me.  Something to do every once in awhile for entertainment purposes.  If you’re one of those people who waste their lives and limited time on such foolish things, you may want to reevaluate this decision.  Why are you concerned with these things?  What do you get out of it?  Why does skill, talent and devotion to something so completely meaningless impress you?  I was big into hockey growing up and I understand the love for the game, but for it to become a priority in your life to me symbolizes a person who is functioning on a very low level of consciousness.  Same goes for reality TV, celebrity gossip, and any other mindless infatuation with people, simply because they’re names and images are constantly thrown in front of your face on TV.

They’re just people.  People who you don’t know, and never will know personally.  How can you be impressed by a total stranger who you know nothing about?  Why are you concerned with someone else’s’ life when you have a life of your own to live?  Or maybe that you’re choosing not to live if you’re wrapped up in this sort of thing.  It all seems to me like a way of escaping reality, which implies a reality that is subpar, otherwise you wouldn’t want to escape from it in the first place!  The point I want to make is to never settle in life.  Average isn’t good enough.  This is your life and you have the potential to make of it whatever you desire.  There are no limits in this world.  The only limits are within your mind, which you impose upon yourself.  If you consciously become aware of this, you can accomplish anything.

Of course you’d naturally not have the time to get caught up in all this garbage if your life simply had A PURPOSE.  This is key, and the answer to everything I just discussed.  If you have a purpose in life, if you know what you want to accomplish and you have a vision for your life, you will constantly be driven towards making that dream a reality.  You will continuously do things to move your life in a progressive direction.  You will realize that in order to live a happy life you need your health.  So you will get to the gym to take care of your health, energy level, and vitality.  You will be conscious of the food you put into your body.  You’ll eat whole grains, lean meats, fruits, vegetables, whole foods; you’ll avoid saturated fats, simple sugars, food additives, alcohol, caffeine and excess amounts of sodium.  You’ll realize that to become the person you want to be you will have to have high level of self-awareness.  You need to be conscious of your strengths, weaknesses, and most importantly, your flaws.

Nothing can be changed until it is first acknowledged and brought into your awareness.  Instead of wasting away, passively watching an endless stream of advertisements with a little mindless entertainment in between you will spend your time seeking out knowledge and information by reading books, doing research on the internet, networking and talking to other like minded individuals with similar goals, or a common path in life.  Basically you do whatever it takes to become the person you want to be and to create the life you always knew was yours to live.

I hope you can now see how insignificant and foolish the things popular culture promotes actually are.  People have to start thinking for themselves and living with passion.  Most people don’t take action.  They look at everyone else to see how the masses are reacting and follow suite like the sheep that they’ve become.  You have a mind of your own, you have values and beliefs, when you see something happening right before you, you should have something called self-confidence which allows you to make a decision and take action regardless of what anyone else does, or thinks.  I honestly don’t even register the reactions of other people anymore.  I trust myself, my own mind above all else.  Why wouldn’t you?  You’re survival, and your life are your responsibility and yours alone.  If you’re not going to think for yourself, someone else will think for you.

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If you know anything about basic psychological principles, then you know that our minds are programmed to respond to how certain someone is in themselves, and how everyone else reacts to them.  A charismatic person can influence the masses with ease by applying these simple principles.  If someone speaks with clarity and certainty, people will believe them.  And if everyone in the room believes in what they’re saying, chances are you will go along with it even if it defies the reality you see right before your very eyes.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “the one with the strongest reality wins” then you’ll understand this example to be true.  Whoever believes in themselves most in a conversation will convince others to see things their way.  If you have doubt and I speak with certainty, you will conform to my beliefs.  If you have loosely defined values and beliefs you are easy to manipulate, and easy to control.  You are the perfect consumer and I can easily take all your money with some simple marketing tactics.  This is the world we live in.  If you’ve got nothing going on in your average life and have too much time on your hands, I can convince you that professional sports, or Jersey Shore are extremely important.  You should spend your time and money watching these things and buying merchandise.  You should model your life and behavior after these things.  And you should spend a significant portion of your income on this area of your life.


This is just a brief example to make the point to HAVE A PURPOSE IN LIFE AND THINK FOR YOURSELF.  Value your time, value yourself, and care enough about your own life to go after the things you want.  If you’re lacking financially, if you want a relationship that you don’t currently have, if you long to acquire a specialized knowledge in something that interests you, if there’s a hobby you always wanted to get involved with, or a business you always wanted to start, then there’s room for improvement in your life and there’s work to be done.  It’s very simple.  Where you are right now is your starting point.  Your vision or goal is where you want to be.  In between all you have to do is take ACTION and start doing whatever it takes to get what you want out of life.  Remember, there are no limits.

When I was younger I came to an important realization.  I was a bit of an introvert growing up and I always felt like I should be popular and have a girlfriend.  I always had a lot of guy friends and tended to be well liked but I realized that other kids had more success than I did socially.  Instead of blaming this on external factors, I came to the realization that the only difference between them and myself was their behavior.  They behaved in more outgoing ways, spoke out openly and had more self-confidence.  It was at that point I knew that if I wanted different results I had to change my behavior in a way that would achieve the desired outcome.  At that young age I was very fearful about stepping outside my comfort zone, but I was also committed to getting what I wanted.  Slowly I began to make progress and change my ways.  This early life lesson changed the course of my entire life.  If I hadn’t taken responsibility for myself, I would have kept on floundering along down that same old path playing the victim, and wondering why I just didn’t have the right personality to get what I wanted out of life.

This was my awakening and it came at a young age.  I knew I had to work on developing myself.  I had to learn about my mind, my subconscious, how it worked, how it came to be so disempowering, and how I could make constructive changes.  I also decided to take action to change my body.  I was 6’4 and 150 pounds.  Completely unacceptable.  I had a high metabolism that completely prevented me from ever gaining weight.  So I joined a gym and committed myself to weightlifting.  I’m now a lean 210 pounds with 10 more pounds on the way before I finally accomplish my long term goal.  It’s taken five years to accomplish so far but when you’re committed to a purpose you never give up on your dreams.  You stick with it until the job is done and once that dream becomes a reality, you expand it and pursue the next level.

I’ve sort of drifted off on a bit of a side track, but where I wanted to go with this was to point out that something needs to happen within you in order to wake you up.  Negative emotions or feelings can be a good thing if they signal to you a need for change.  When you finally wake up you will need to spend some time, potentially years, working on yourself.  Healing from your past, understanding who you are, and how you’ve gotten to where you are currently.  You’ll need to sort out your values, what really matters to you in life, and then go from there.

Eventually you’ll get to the point where you’ve overcome many difficulties and challenges.  You will start to achieve a lot and the successes will build off one another.  This is when you can take some of the focus off of yourself and begin to help others to wake up and do the same with their lives.  Many people will be behind you in their growth and development.  Since you’ve already addressed some of the same challenges and similar issues in your life, you can assist them in expediting their own growth process.  And there’s no greater feeling of fulfillment than giving back and helping others.  Especially when they’re at a place where they’re able to fully appreciate the help.

To me this is what life is all about.  This is my purpose in writing these blog posts.  I want to contribute and give back the same way so many people in my day-to-day life have helped elevate my life experience to amazing levels.  We’re all so paradoxically the same, but different.  Society needs to wake up and we need to recreate a sense of community, where everyone can coexist in a constructive way where we all advance while helping others to advance along with us.

That’s just my opinion, my values, and my vision.  You can agree with them, in part, in whole, or you can go back to your TV, celebrities and sports and believe whatever you want to justify your actions.  It’s your life, your decision and yours alone.

So I promised a little more depth.  I hope I delivered.  A lot more to come.  Constructive feedback is always welcome.  Let me know what you think of the new direction I’ve set out on with this post.  Thanks for reading and I hope you learned something.

Note: For more on social conditioning check out SoLongMediocrity.   If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read here please connect with me on both facebook, and twitter if you haven’t already.

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Andy RandonWake Up! – Break Away From Preconditioned Beliefs and Free Your Mind

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  2. Benji

    This is fantastic brother. I’m starting to wake up. I’ve come to realization that the music (rap) and other junk I’ve been listening to my whole life is a joke. So, I’ve decided to listen to more positive music, and alternative, etc. I used to eat really really bad food all the time. I enjoy doing a lot of different things, so not having the energy to do the things I wanna do really angered me. So, I decided to educate myself on nutrition. It’s going great so far. Another thing I’ve realized, people who don’t create or contribute one thing or another have no opinion worth listening to. That perspective has change the way I interact with people, coworkers in particular.

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