Value Creation, The Gratification of Giving, and True Understanding

Value Creation, The Gratification of Giving, and True Understanding

Everyone wants to have more money just as much as everyone wants to be happy.  The problem most people have is that their focus is on something completely arbitrary, that being the money itself.  You can focus on money all day long and that isn’t going to get you any more of it.

So what do you have to focus on to make more money if it isn’t money itself?  Creating value.  More specifically, creating value for other people.  Other people will be the source of the money you want to make and the level of success you have will be directly correlated to the amount of value you have to offer them.

There are many different things which constitute value to different people and it’s not the same for everyone.  One universal variable that adds value to your customer is marketing.  More specifically, the level of ease you provide for your customer to be aware of your product, what it will do for them, exactly where to find it, and how to purchase it.  Two identical products can have completely different levels of success based on these factors alone.  Reaching your market and getting in front of them is a form of value to them, whether they’re aware of it or not and many businesses spend incredible amounts on this one variable alone.

Most people trade their time for money and typically won’t hand it over unless they feel they’re really gaining something from the transaction.  For that reason you have to offer them something that provides massive value relative to the price you ask.  This becomes even more tricky when you’re product isn’t a physical item that they can hold in their hands.  When you’re dealing with digital products or information products you really have to multiply the value added.

If your customer can find something comparable, more easily accessible, and more popular than what you have to offer for free, simply by doing a Google search, why would they pay you?

Value Creation, The Gratification of Giving, and True Understanding

If you intend to ever have financial success by building your own business you have to put your customer a head of all else, especially yourself, and your attempts to make money.  This may sound counter-intuitive however if you think about it a little harder it makes perfect sense.

If I claim I want to help you, or I have something to sell you that will absolutely change your life for the better, how does it impact my credibility if you sense that I’m focused on my own personal gain, even on a subtle level?  If, as the prospect you sense that I’m out to get something for myself, and I don’t truly care about helping you above all else then my credibility is gone.  You’re just the next guy I’m running my sales pitch on.  You can tell I’m being methodical and that I’m more concerned with manipulating your decision for my own personal interest than I am are about sincerely helping you improve your life.

Don’t ever be that value sucking leach of a person.  Find what you have to offer to others that will truly change their lives.  And if you don’t have anything on that level yet then spend some time learning and growing as an individual over the next few years.  With some effort and concentrated research over those years you may develop an understanding of something with the potential to truly help others out.

Assuming all your basic needs are met, the money needs to be secondary.  Go out and help others, free of charge, and see how good it feels to really make an impact.  I assume you want money because of how you’d feel if you possessed it.  You don’t actually want the money, you want the circumstances it can provide which will enable you to experience more positive emotions.  If positive emotions are the end result we are seeking we can experience them without the need for money simply by giving what we have to offer to other people and helping to impact their lives for the better.

Share your wisdom, knowledge, expertise, perspective, experience, opinions, your attention, compassion, personality, and love with others in whatever ways you can.  For me, writing this blog is my way of sharing and giving back, in hopes of planting the seed in someones mind that has the potential to grow and over time, take their lives to places they may never have otherwise arrived at the same way others have done for me.

Value Creation, The Gratification of Giving, and True Understanding

I haven’t quite figured out how to accomplish all that I’d like to and I wouldn’t expect someone my age to have all the answers quite yet.  I’m eager to keep learning and keep sharing so hopefully one day I do have something unique to offer.

Genius is the perfect balance of knowledge and experience.   This understanding is what drives my behavior.  I have a thirst for knowledge which I satisfy by reading as many high quality books I can get my hands on, covering a vast array of topics, all which come together synergistically to help me get to the next level.  This knowledge is applied through the actions I take which create first hand life experience that leads to a true understanding of the concepts I’ve encountered in my reading, research, networking, and education.

Without experience of your own you’re simply an academic who memorizes theories and ideas proposed by people who have lived them.  You may have them committed to memory and understand them as much as possible in theory, but without experiencing them in practice for yourself, you lack a true depth and personalized touch to that understanding and your foundation of knowledge is hollow, unknowingly to you.

If you lack the ability to take certain action to obtain a desired positive outcome within any field of knowledge you’re understanding is worthless.  What good id a PhD in finance if you can’t apply that knowledge directly to make money by investing in the stock market?  You may know all the academic theory, all the ratio’s to measure a company’s performance and determine whether or not it’s undervalued, everything that can be found in a text book about Keynesian economics, and Classical, but if you can’t produce a desired outcome in the real world then what good is it?  Where’s the value?

Who are you to claim you have a better understanding than a high school educated, day trading prodigy?  And how many of the worlds best traders have PhD’s in finance?  The academic accomplishment doesn’t seem to carry much weight in the real world of investing.  They’re two very different understandings.

You must care enough about yourself to put in the work, to gain the knowledge, to have a strong enough will to take the required action to gain the experience that will lead to growth and eventually the achievement of your dreams.  Again, you have to be persistent and keep going no matter how many times you get knocked down, or set back.  Continue to push yourself, continue to learn, to network, to trying new things, and enjoy the process as you progress.

Get this, overnight instant gratification, massive success idea out of your head and accept that what you want is going to take a lot of time, energy, work, and focus to achieve and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.  As long as you’re aimed in the right direction and you keep moving forward you’ll get to where you want to be.

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Andy RandonValue Creation, The Gratification of Giving, and True Understanding

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