Stop The Hustle If You Are Married To a Specific Outcome

Stop The Hustle If You Are Married To a Specific Outcome

Often times my focus can get caught up on things like how am I going to pay off this debt faster?  How can I grow my business?  How can I advance my career? What investments can I capitalize on?  Where should I put my money?  If I buy this inventory how quickly can I flip it for a nice profit?  What products can I create and market?

It’s not a bad thing to be ambitious and to be driven to take your life to the next level, but you cannot let your determination pull you out of balance.  Fulfillment is the result of growth and contribution.  You have to not only focus on growth, but also contributing something to others.

The desire for growth will never go away, but there’s no point in continuing to progress if you’re not capable of taking a step back, looking at how far you’ve come already, having deep appreciation for the circumstance that sparked that fire within you, the connections that built it up, the luck that resulted in things really going your way, along with the gratitude for being able to stand where you are today.

Look at where you are now and compare it to where you would have been if you stayed where you were comfortable.  Not satisfied, but also in a position where not much was demanded, or expected of you.  Chances are you’ve come quite a way.  Take a moment to appreciate that.

Sometimes it’s necessary to forgive yourself for the way you’ve been treating yourself, especially if you’ve been in all growth, full speed ahead, with minimal appreciation mode, as I am guilty of.  I could unplug right now, coast through the rest of life on what I’ve built, and probably be better off than most people.  There’s something to be said for that.

Stop The Hustle If You Are Married To a Specific Outcome

So if I’ve done well so far, then why am I still making sacrifices and putting off things I know would really bring me enjoyment in life, thinking that I can’t make time for those activities until I reach some higher level of achievement at an unknown time in the future?

It’s time to re-balance the scale and give something back.  For me that means spending time and money investing in activities that I love.  It also means taking that focus, drive, and passion and directing it towards a cause outside myself.  Instead of always worrying about how I can improve my life, I’m beginning to keep my eyes opened for some type of cause I can contribute to, and some way of improving the lives of others.  As with everything I take on, I’ll want to grow my contribution and find a way to take that to its highest potential as well.

Live your ideal life now.  What are some things you used to love doing, but haven’t been able to find the time for in awhile?  What are some ways you wish to help others, or causes you hope to one day be able to be a part of in the future?  Take those things and make them a part of your life right now, even if you have to scale them down to a much smaller version than what you’ve envisioned.  Bring them into your life, as it currently stands, and allow them to grow with you.  If you can’t do that now, you never will, no matter how far you progress.  It will always be something that you hope to do when you get just a little further ahead, no matter how far you go.

After all, you do realize how much progress you’ve made over the past few years, right?  If you could step back into your past self, 5 or 10 years ago, and tell yourself where you are in the present, how willing do you think your past self would be to give something back, knowing what level of achievement he, or she was going to reach in the future?

You’ve progressed gradually over the years and can often times take that progress for granted. If you could experience what it felt like by going back to when your current level of success was totally out of reach, then you’d have gratitude and appreciation for what you’ve achieved to the point where you could easily give some away, or allow yourself a little more time to relax.

Keep that in mind and use it to re-balance and focus on not only growth, but also contribution.  The more you give, the more you get.  When you introduce abundance to your mindset your reality will reflect that abundance back upon you.  Also, notice how this approach takes a lot of pressure off of you, as you no longer perceive your current position as one of scarcity.  After all, if you didn’t feel like there was some type of scarcity, would you be in this position in the first place?

Abundance and balance are the key.  Have a vision of how you want things to be and live into that vision.  Do it for the good it will bring to yourself and others.  Don’t always use dissatisfaction as your primary motivator.  You can’t be appreciative and dissatisfied at the same time.  Your intentions may have been positive all along, but make sure your current emotional state, your current motivation, and you’re sense of satisfaction are positive as well at your present level of achievement.

You can go on, and on achieving more, and more your entire life, but if you can’t appreciate where you are now, you never will, no matter how much you progress.  Become balanced and get that handled now and you’ll always be grateful for where you are on your journey.  This will make every moment of your life a valued, fulfilling piece of the whole, as opposed to chasing that one fulfilling “happy ending” moment you believe will happen in the future, which never comes.

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Andy RandonStop The Hustle If You Are Married To a Specific Outcome

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