Stay On Your Path – A “Back to Basics” Approach to Fulfilling Your Purpose

Staying on your path

Money, or the addition of monetary incentive to an activity corrupts the previous enjoyment of that activity.  Monetary compensation has to exclusively be a side effect of following your passion and bringing value.  It cannot be the primary focus.  By associating material success with following your dreams and living your life’s purpose you can corrupt your vision and create a sense of inner conflict.

The selfish, greed injected desire to take value and to accumulate material possessions can paralyze you from taking action because this corruption of pure intent does not mesh with what must be your primary motivation (pursuing your passion, doing what you love, fulfilling your purpose).

It’s not an easy path to stay on when all the self promoting guru’s and thought leaders have such a strong focus on monetary gain.  Most of them are only in a position to influence because of their massive success in generating income.  They lead you astray by distracting you from a focus on doing what you love and diverting your  attention to monetization tactics (which always involve purchasing information from them, or selling you products from their affiliates).

fulfilling purpose

The opportunity cost of time spent on monetization ends up being the sacrifice of time which could have been focused on your underlying purpose.  Instead of investing the time doing what you love, you begin to do what they tell you is best, until eventually you are no longer investing your energy into your true passion.  When this happens you lose your drive and you may quit taking any action at all .  It’s far better to ignore the rhetoric of the guru’s in its entirety and continue on your journey than to be led off in a different direction which may result in giving up all together.  The best methodology is the one you’ll actually follow.

If you begin to lose faith in your vision, your energy level will drop and your motivation will collapse.  This can happen if you take on an excessive amount of responsibility, leading to elevated stress levels for extensive periods of time.  If you hit such a low point, a recovery period is necessary.  Once a sufficient amount of time has passed, you’ll realize that you’ve healed enough and it’s time to venture back out on your path.  The experience of the collapse will alter your perspective and caution you as you move forward on your journey.

This post is coming together as I reflect on the past year and my absence from blogging.  The past year has been extremely dense with numerous major life event crammed into a 12 month period.  Aside from the distraction of all that’s gone on, prior to this I had begun to drift off my path due to many influences who focused more on self promotion, generating traffic to your website, and the financial compensation that was yours for the taking if this could be executed properly.  I initially started creating content here because I enjoyed the process of reflecting on my life and making sense of it the best I could.  It was almost a meditative practice of reflection, making connections, and drawing conclusions that I may not have otherwise.

When the majority of my time spent blogging shifted from creating content, to an attempt to drive traffic to that content, the gratification I once gained from blogging quickly disappeared and what I was doing began to feel like work. Not constructive work, but “trading time for money” kind of work with no true gratification.

fulfilling purpose

I had been working hard for years with a strong belief in the rhetoric that it would somehow be easy to amass a fortune and live the life I’ve always dreamed of.  Eventually I had a change in paradigm and realized that what I believed in wasn’t exactly an accurate understanding of reality.  This realization was a let down in a lot of ways.  I had worked so hard and come a long way, but if the end goal was not realistic, or if the odds of achieving the goal were much smaller than I had believed, then what was the point in continuing?

The life I’d built was successful by most standards but I wasn’t aiming to be successful by societies standards of going to school, getting a good job, making some smart investments, getting my finances in order and then working my life away for the next few decades.  I’m after financial freedom. Covering all expenses with forms of passive income and spending my time focused on what truly matters.  Believe it or not, this is more difficult than the marketers trying to sell you their ebooks and online courses will lead you to believe.

It’s possible, but like anything else worth achieving it won’t be easy and it will require persistence over a substantial period of time in most cases.  And if someone knew of a way to make a substantial amount of money, then why would they waste their time teaching this to others, unless the trick is, the only way that individual knows how to accumulate income is by selling others get rich quick products to begin with?

Don’t be fooled.  For the vast majority of us there is no quick and easy way.  For every person who has achieved overnight success there are at least 99 people who have failed, of who you’ll never hear about.  When you’re constantly presented with the 1% who have achieved quick success it begins to dilute your perception making it appear to be the norm, and not the highly improbable outcome that it truly is.  Your perception must be distorted in order for you to buy into what they’re teaching.  You have to believe in this rhetoric and have conviction that the self proclaimed teacher has the answers before you’ll pull out your credit card to purchase whatever they’re selling.

fulfilling purpose

In my experience, that’s not how reality works.  You need to take risks, face uncertainty, solve problems, be proactive, do your homework, have a back up plan, put yourself out there, and believe in the opportunities you’re willing to pursue in spite of pessimistic opinions of others.  This will get you’re life moving in the right direction but it’s just the beginning.

If you want to be successful you’re going to have to commit yourself to doing what you love without any recognition or major gratification for 7-10 years.  That has to be the expectation and if you can be successful before then, be happy because you’ve arrived ahead of schedule.  Mastery doesn’t happen overnight.

Set out with realistic expectations to avoid the shock of let down.  If you can’t do what you’re doing strictly for the sake of enjoyment and desire for mastery, then don’t do it at all.  Realize that a future moment of massive recognition is not guaranteed, but that’s ok too.  It’s easy to call something your passion when you have an expectation of being rewarded for it in the near future, however if that reward is taken away indefinitely, and you no longer feel the same level of enthusiasm then you’re not truly passionate about it, are you?

Make sure the passion is there before you proceed.  If you’re not willing to do it for free, forever, then don’t bother to begin.  True passion and authenticity require you to love what you do unconditionally.  Not because of an expected outcome, or because your motive involves obtaining some type of second hand benefit.

With that being said, I’m really hoping I can recommit to writing on a regular basis from now on, with no end in site.  Sharing my thoughts here is gratifying and adds value to my life.  I try to improve my writing and find meaningful topics to discuss in hope that you, the reader can relate and take something away from whatever it is I’ve expressed.  Life never ceases to be busy and demanding, but some things need to be made a priority.  Through discipline, habits can be formed and those things that give meaning can find their way into our day to day routines in spite of all the chaos.

That’s all for now.  I’m excited for what lies ahead.

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Andy RandonStay On Your Path – A “Back to Basics” Approach to Fulfilling Your Purpose

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