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The last post I wrote was in January 2013.  At the time of writing this, it’s now August 18, 2014.  Thinking back, so much has changed in my life since then.

I always have been busy, but between then and now I’ve been exceptionally busy.  I still am, but I’ve realized that writing and sharing my ideas was one of the things that kept me level headed, and helped me maintain my composure throughout stressful times.

With that being said I’m back.  I thought about creating a new blog for quite some time but there’s no sense in reinventing when  I already have a nice platform and history here.  Let’s get down to business:

Why do I get out of bed every weekday morning at 6:30AM, get cleaned up, get dressed in a wardrobe that’s typically only worn to the office, get on the road the same time everyone else is, fight through the traffic to spend 8 hours of my life, plus time for a lunch break, doing something that will earn me a onetime transaction of money in exchange for my time?

Yes, I can come back and do it again, but the work put in today is a sunk cost tomorrow. There’s no residual income no matter how much I do, or don’t do.

I’m not a morning person. The last thing I want to do is wake up at 6:30 and sit in rush hour traffic.

My job is alright, but if I wasn’t getting paid to do it, how many days out of the year would I show up there? Probably none.

The people I work with most likely wouldn’t be anyone I’d associate with if I wasn’t forced to. I didn’t choose them to be the ones I spend the majority of my waking hours with.
self made wealth-rat raceMy advancement up the ranks is determined by people who have lingered around complacently for decades and happened upon management positions, power, and authority over myself and others, regardless of their leadership skills, intelligence, self awareness, and ability to really motivate those they’re in charge of.

Is a manager a role model? Is their position something to strive for? Or is the fact that decades of work has only amounted to a few rungs up the ladder from where I currently am something that should be perceived as failure?


Self made wealth and success

Allow me to give you a little bit of background information about myself. I did what society told me to, went to a respectable college, graduated with honors, went on to get my MBA in finance, and I work for a corporate bank in a commercial credit department.

In the short years of my working life I’ve worked for a global bank, did some brief international travel, I learn fast, I work hard, I’ve outperformed my peers with the expectation of being rewarded financially for my efforts.

Guess what? All those things they sell you on while growing up about what it takes to be successful weren’t exactly painting an accurate picture of reality.

I make decent money but certainly nothing to brag about. After what you read I’m sure your assumption about my income is much higher than what it actually is.

After receiving all the academic education most employers would ever ask for I’m left with a nice chunk out of my monthly cash flow that is lost to student loan debt.

best self development blog

Money that could be used for my retirement, to more quickly pay off the mortgage, to start up a business venture, to live more comfortably, gone out the window because of decisions made before I was even 18 years old to sign applications for all these student loans.

After all, everyone else is doing it. How else are you going to get a decent paying job without putting yourself into debt, setting out to get a degree which takes four years to complete? Once you begin you’re not going to stop simply because tuition increases every year. And it does keep increasing every year.

In the age of technology, automation, globalism, communication, there is no excuse to keep living within this dated system of trading your time for money.

Money is not the true currency in your life. Time is. Your time is truly limited. Once spent you’ll never get it back.

Money comes and goes. Your time and what you focus your attention on, are truly finite and the most important assets you’ll ever have.

Time is money - Self made wealth and success

So far all I’ve managed to do here is complain. Things are tough, that’s old news, so what? That ends right now.

This is the first of many posts that will document my escape from the rat race, my freedom from debt, my liberation from the job that sucks up too much of my time, my livelihood, my opportunity to enjoy this planet, the people on it, and create an experience that leads to fulfillment, joy, and beauty.

The days of enduring the struggle are over. Liberation from this limiting way of life will be part of my future. Whatever it takes, for however long it takes, is what I’ll be doing over the course of the next few days, weeks, months, years.

There is no quitting. No turning back. I respect myself too much and value my time more than anything else. Nothing will stand in my way.

self made wealth and success - burn the boats

I invite you to come along with me on this journey. I know where the corporate career path I’m on leads. I can graph it out for you if you’d like. It’s fairly linear and that line doesn’t have much of a slope to it. I can’t accept that as my future. That’s a worst case scenario.

It’s time to find a better way. I’ll share everything I’m doing to get out of this situation and change my circumstance for the better.

Everything I attempt, everything that works, everything that makes a difference. I want you to be a part of that. I want you to see what’s possible with commitment, dedication, and self love.

But I also want you to make changes for yourself. Your own life. Your family, friends, spouse, or even a random stranger off the street who you can have an impact on.

My hope is that I inspire you to take action and that you succeed even faster than I do. If I can encourage you to venture down the road less traveled along with me, we can learn from each other and get to that utopia much quicker than on our own.

I’d like for nothing more then for you as my reader to beat me to it. To achieve that happiness and share your strategies with me.

I’m just a guy. If you’re still reading at this point I’m a guy who happens to be able to write something worth your time, and hopefully inspirational to you.

I value my time, my life, and all that I have to offer too much to waste it on mindless entertainment, hours in front of the TV, fan boy sports obsessions, video games, excessively socializing, doing busy work that really adds minimal value, or anything else those who settle for mediocrity typically do to pass the time.

self made wealth and success

With that being said I do believe in balance, but if you’re not where you believe you should be you have to work to change that.

How can I make money outside of working for a business trading my time for money? How can I reduce, or eliminate monthly expenses so that I can retain more of what I make? What is value? What do I have to offer that’s unique, or that others would be interested in?

Obviously I’ve thought about these things and I have ideas. I have things that are proven to make your life better and there will be more posts to come sharing those ideas.

For now just know that although I’ve spent years reading, researching, dabbling, learning, exchanging ideas with others,

Self made wealth and success

I’m still working a 9-5 job. I’m still in debt. I’m still not finding fulfillment in my work and most importantly, I still don’t have the freedom to live my life the way I want, on the schedule I want, with the liberation that comes along with that.

That key is multiple streams of revenue. Doing different things that can generate passive income, and not leaving any single failure point that can crash the whole system (like losing your job would).

Some of the ideas I’m exploring are taking advantage of unique businesses that allow for the opportunity to generate residual income or benefits. Finding businesses that will pay you substantially for things like donating blood.

Creating digital products to be sold on the internet. Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, taking advantage of retail arbitrage and selling products on the internet.

Outsourcing the creation of a program, app, or useful tool to a virtual assistant, or developer in India to sell online passively. Learning how to create a blog like this one which can one day gain enough traction to add pay per click advertising and different ways to monetize the content which is hopefully worthy enough to drive enough traffic to appeal to advertisers.

Self made wealth and success - think-outside-the-box

These are just a few ideas I’ve been playing around with and the possibilities are endless.   My goal is to be as transparent as possible.

I’m not going to hide anything from you as my reader. I want to do this in a way that will benefit you and myself equally.

Honestly, I hope you’ll contribute ideas and knowledge that I would have otherwise never came across. I’d love to create a community of like minded people who rise up and accomplish this dream together.

Just think of the day you tell your boss you’re putting in your two weeks’ notice and they ask, “where are you going?” I think my answer will be, nowhere.

Let’s get there together. Bookmark this page right now. Share this post with anyone you think would be an asset to the team, or at least dedicated to the cause. You only live once. It’s time to set things right for yourself while you still can.

Thank you for reading. Don’t hesitate to comment, get in touch with me with questions, or just say hi.

So what do you think? Is what I just proposed possible? Are you willing to commit to making the same improvements in your own life? It’d be great to hear your thoughts.

For more on defining your purpose check out this post click here.

Until next time…

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Andy RandonPurpose Redefined – Bringing The Blog Back To Life

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