The Power of Perseverance

The Power Of Perseverance

Today I want to jump right into things and talk about perseverance, working hard and maintaining a positive outlook even while struggling through the plateaus in life.  As of lately this is something that I’ve been dealing with in many areas of my life, so I definitely feel it’s important to reflect on, to provide insight, and also to help me collect my own thoughts around the matter.

My personality has always been to set high expectations and push myself to achieve the things I want, with little tolerance for anything less.  This is possibly one of my greatest gifts, and also one of my biggest flaws.  Looking back, I can completely appreciate the drive its given me to push to the next level, to keep working towards my goals, and to never settle in life, but at the same time, the things I set out to achieve can often take much more time than initially anticipated.  When this happens, at times I will get frustrated and beat myself up over not climbing high enough, fast enough.

Sometimes negative emotions help to get you motivated, but beating yourself up to the point where you feel worthless can be very counterproductive.  Just like anything else, the key is balance.  You have to live the struggle and discover a way to find gratification in the day to day grind.  Focusing strictly on benchmark goals will keep you trying to fill a bucket with a hole in it.  You will never find fulfillment, and you will never be satisfied.  You will simply be trapped in an endless process of chasing end goal, after end goal.

Life is about the process, it’s about taking action, going after what you want, and living the experience.  I’ve been through some hard times, some difficult struggles, some situations I never thought I’d make it through, but sitting here today I can tell you I’ve always managed to find a way to make it out alright.  And it’s easy looking back to tell you that I appreciate these struggles, the lessons learned, the life experiences, and the way they’ve help mold me into the person I am today.  It’s too easy with the battle already fought, and the war already won.

The Power Of Perseverance

What I’m concerned about are my current struggles.  The obstacles which currently lay before me in my path.  Right now, looking them dead on, and wondering how I’ll ever persevere is quite frustrating to me.  My past experience tells me I’ll be fine, I’ll find a way, and I’ll be grateful when I make it out on the other side, but this does little to change my emotional state.  A state that is currently warn out, frustrated, fed up with the struggle, with the failures and defeats, just wishing I could catch an easy break out of the situation.

I feel as if I’ve come such a long way over the past few years, and I’ve accomplished so much, but there are certain areas of my life with unfinished business.  Areas that are the most complex, which have given me plenty of trouble in the past.  For me, this is one of those struggles that has taken years, and I still have no idea how much longer it will be until I get to where I want to go.

But at the end of the day, all I can do is continue to take action.  Determine what I want, the best way of obtaining it, and going for it every day.  And when things don’t work out, fine tune, and refine my approach, keeping at it until the job is done.

The Power Of Perseverance

I will never give up on myself.  For better or for worse I will continue to fight as long as I go on living.  This isn’t always the easiest approach, but my values won’t allow for any other alternative.  In times like these you need to saturate your mind with positive thoughts, past reference experiences that assure you of your capability, and blind faith that sooner, or later, all your work will pay off.

And if you can withstand the struggle, no matter how many years it takes, if you can keep fighting and stay true to your values, you will become a better person for it in the long run.  The victory, and accomplishment will be short lived.  But knowing that you’re better suited to live in this world, and to achieve whatever it is you set your mind to will carry you forward to not only accomplish more, but to know deep down what you are truly capable of.

You have to test your limits, and you have to push your boundaries.  If everything was handed to you, or came too easily you would never fully appreciate it.  You could never learn the lessons that will help on your next endeavor, and you could never take ownership of your success.  You fight your battles and come out on the other side knowing you can handle adversity.  This builds the foundation of self-confidence and a deep trust in your own ability to handle whatever life may throw at you.

The Power Of Perseverance

If you live in an uncontested reality and never face challenges, you can never develop true self-confidence.  You will probably look to others, with more certain in themselves to lead you, and make decisions for you.  In other words, you’ve failed to claim your own life, your own responsibility, and your own accomplishments.  Your opinions will lack a personal touch as you regurgitate, and spit back things you’ve heard second hand which you only understand on a superficial level.

There’s a huge difference between spitting back memorized lines, and extracting deeper meaning from the information you’re exposed to. You have to have personal experience to relate to in order to cultivate the ability to extract deeper meaning; to gain wisdom.

Remember what you’ve overcome.  Remember what you’ve been through.  Remind yourself of the many struggles of the past, and how you’re still here.  How you made it through, no matter how difficult things seemed at the time.

Understand that there will always be so many factors outside of your control, so many things that will cause set backs, throw you off course, distract you, cause pain, knock you off your feet, and make you want to give up.  This is just a natural part of the struggle for anyone who’s interested in achieving a higher quality of life, and a more enriched life experience.  You have to pay your dues and you have to earn what it is you’re after.

The Power Of Perseverance

The day will come where you finally do obtain whatever it is you had been working towards.  When that day comes and you have it all in the palm of your hands, you will appreciate all that went into your accomplishment.  You will have lived the struggle and proven to yourself, that you are capable of obtaining that which you demand out of life.

The happiness will quickly fade and soon enough it will be on to the next struggle, but this time knowing deep down that although the road may be a rough one, you completely trust yourself knowing you’ve been there before, and have always persevered.

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Andy RandonThe Power of Perseverance

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