New Action Creates New Experience and Growth

Toronto from CN Tower at night

Welcome back.

Finally after a few weeks I have a moment to sit down and write something here.  I apologize for the lack of content lately.  I’ve been in Toronto all week on business, where I’ll also be staying the next 3 work weeks.  My days have been filled with long hours at the office, followed by a nice dinner and after that, hitting the gym at the hotel, exploring the city, or site seeing.

So aside from that, it’s nice to be home for the weekend and I really wanted to make an effort to generate some quality content while I can.

Getting away from my routine at home and spending the week in the heart of downtown Toronto really gave me a different perspective in a lot of ways.  I’m not saying I loved it and I’m not saying I hated it, but as always, new experiences help you to see what can be improved in your life, and also can help you to appreciate what you already have, but take for granted.

For one, it was nice to hand my keys over to the valet Sunday night and have no need to touch them again until Friday evening when I left.  Everything you need is in walking distance and if not there’s plenty of transportation to get you there quickly.  Also, there’s a lot more opportunity and money in a major city.

Along with this comes a nicer selection of restaurants, entertainment, and shopping.  All good things.  But aside from that, you miss your friends and family back home.  You miss the convenience of an elaborate social circle that can meet any of your needs with just a phone call or text message.  You miss the comfort of always knowing exactly how to get where you need to go.  What you miss is your comfort zone and all the luxuries it provides.

I wouldn’t label either situation as being ideal, or better than the other.  The point I want to make is that you need to experience BOTH.  So today I want to talk about the importance of life experience.  About getting out there and seeing the world, trying new things, and putting yourself in new situations.  About TAKING ACTION.

Not only by exposing yourself to different environments, but to different people from an array of different backgrounds.  You have to get away from the familiar and comfortable sometimes because new experiences help you grow.

New Action creates New Experience which leads to Growth.

By taking action and doing things differently you are also creating new reference points in your mind.  You are training your subconscious mind to realize you can make it anywhere, under any circumstances on your own, without the help of others.  You realize that you’re fit to succeed anywhere, given the right time to adjust and adapt.  You begin to realize it doesn’t matter where you end up, because you take yourself with you.  If you have what it takes to be successful in one place, you’ll be able to use those same resources to create the same amount of success basically anywhere.

Toronto taken near Air Canada Centre

It’s not about cost of living, or which states’ taxes are higher, or which city provides more job opportunities.  This is what I previously thought was the key to success.  I believed that you had to analyze every aspect of a city, determine the best environment for success and go to that place.  Now, I’ve realized it’s not about that.  If you have what it takes to be successful, you will succeed in any environment.  Different places provide different types of opportunity and you just need to realize what your environment has to offer.

If I wanted to own real estate in Toronto, the initial cost to get in would be so high it would create a barrier of entry.  Sure, the larger investment would generate a much larger return, but it would also take longer to pay off, I’d have a huge principle balance that would increase my interest expense and it may not be a reasonable investment for someone coming in with very little capital.

So for me, this seems unreasonable.  If I were to live in a city like this, I would focus on taking advantage of the other opportunities provided by a larger city.  There are a lot more career options in this type of city, so maybe I’d focus on becoming a trader for one of the financial institutions.  Although it’s a stressful job, it would provide me with more than enough income to later get into the pricey real estate if I wanted to.  Or I could use those funds and that experience to start my own business.  Maybe a small investment boutique.

The point is, you have to realize the opportunities your environment has to offer and capitalize on them.  No one place is going to be “better” than any other.  They’re all just different and subjective based on your own preferences and values.

You have to know what you want out of life and sometimes you need to try new things to realize what exactly that is.  Pay attention to your actions, and preferences so you can consciously be aware of what you value most.  The more experience you have, the more you can refine your preferences and keep moving towards your ideals, creating a life that encompasses everything you desire.

Stop making excuses and avoiding new things.  If someone invites you to tag along to the gym, or to see a band they really enjoy, or to take a trip somewhere you’ve never been, stop making excuses and just go.  You’ll never regret the experience you have and you’ll learn more than you can imagine.

Life’s too short not to enjoy it, and not to experience all that it has to offer.  Make it a habit to try new things.  Once every two weeks, schedule time to do something different.  You may stumble upon something you truly love, but more importantly, you’ll become much more well rounded.  You’ll be able to learn from each new experience and apply that knowledge in places you never thought would relate.

Toronto from CN Tower at night 2

Take action and watch how the quality of your life will change.  I’m all about living within my means and being smart with my money, but I also believe in balance.  You need to reward yourself and use that money to create enjoyment every so often.  Otherwise there’s no point in having it.

Take action.  Experience new things.  This is such a huge piece to becoming successful and for creating a happy life.  Getting out there and doing new things will create an abundance of memories you will cherish forever.  And by taking action, you are guaranteed to meet a lot of amazing people along the way.

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Andy RandonNew Action Creates New Experience and Growth

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