If You Belong to This Group, You Will Not Succeed in Internet Business

Internet Business

I’ve noticed a trend over the past few years where those who had success as first-movers into the internet marketing realm are now leveraging their past success to position themselves as experts and use that positioning to continue their success.

I see nothing wrong with this however if you’re someone interested in achieving what these people already have, there are some sobering facts you need to accept before your greed glands are tapped and you become blinded by an unrealistic belief that great success can be achieved through minimal effort.

Those who are blinded will open their wallets and allow money to be extracted under the belief that the answers to their problems will all be solved through the purchase of a single information product, or affiliate product, as promised in the marketing.

First and foremost, those who have succeeded by starting out 5-10 years ago did so in a much different market than what exists today.  If they were first movers to begin a blog, to enter a niche, to self publish an eBook, to create a personal brand, they entered into a market with little to no competition what so ever.  Back then it was like the wild west of the internet. Compared to today, there were very few people creating streams of income through internet businesses.  Google’s algorithm was much less evolved so ranking number one could be done immediately by spamming a massive amount of back-links the day you launched your website.

internet business

WordPress wasn’t nearly what it is today and the barrier to entry was march larger when creating a web business due to the skills required.  In today’s world, anyone can create a website, blog, podcast, or video series, with ease.  As a result, the market is much more saturated.  In the past the things done by internet marketers were new and innovating.  Now these concepts have been imitated and replicated by millions trying to make a quick buck ad nausea.

Resultingly, many people have become numb to these tactics leaving them no longer as effective.  They can still work, but not as effortlessly as they had in the past.  Those who were lucky enough to become established early on, the first movers, were positioned to continue to thrive in today’s saturated market by using successes from the wild west days to validate their credibility.

I would argue that if you were to take away their past and put these same individuals into the game starting today with limited capital, most wouldn’t have a better chance than you or I to replicate their current success.  With that being said, how much weight should we apply to their advice, products, and affiliate product recommendations?

If they have all the answers, why is it that such a small percentage of their tribes of followers ever replicate their results or exceed them?

These are questions the faithful followers never ask.  They just think, maybe if I buy more information products, or use more of these affiliate tools, then I’ll really take off and start seeing results!  Why run a business that creates a product or service when you can simply generate revenue offering tools that others believe will lead to creating their own streams of revenue?

The whole digital product/affiliate marketing craze can be likened to multilevel marketing “businesses.”  The guy at the top of the pyramid shows you his income and gets your attention.  He oversimplifies the process that got him to where he is, neglects to mention the timing aspect, and the importance of being a first mover into the model, and then sells you all the tools you need to achieve the life of your dreams while you ignore the fact that he has a large self interest in the transaction.

internet business

Being established  as a successful internet marketer is not far off from being established in a MLM pyramid. You’ll have thousands of people below you wasting their time focused on you in hope to one day become you. In both cases the majority of them work for free, or at a loss for quite some time.

You give them hope and encouragement while they make your income grow.  Every piece of content you release as the guy on top monopolizes their attention when their attention should be focused on taking action and figuring out how to become successful in their own unique situation.  Its easy to influence and manipulate someone when they perceive that you already possess something that they so desperately desire.

People are exploited every day through this method.  They tap into a universal problem like the desire for more money, or a better quality of life, then they offer up a solution because if they are already at that level, its assumed that they have the answer.  Once they’ve successfully sold you on their achievement and methodology, all you have to do is walk through the door they’ve lead you to and you’ll be on your way to equal greatness, or to become just another drop in their bucket of income.  One of the two.

They will never bring up, or address the variable of timing and the importance it had on their success.  By acknowledging this variable and its importance to their achievement, they are admitting that your timing may be too late and if that’s the case, you’re not going to walk through that door.

They do not want you to doubt them, or the possibility of you replicating their success, regardless of whether or not it’s a realistic expectation to have.  Without a personal incentive to lure you in, they never would have begun an interaction with you in the first place, whether it be face to face, or a call to action on a website.

internet business

Like so many things in life, you can never underestimate the value of being in the right place at the right time.  Instead of impulsively chasing your dreams into a saturated market, keep your eyes open and be ready to act as a first mover when something new and innovating comes about.  If you’re trying to break into internet marketing, don’t be discouraged by this article.  Just realize the reality of the market you are entering and understand that the days of average products slapped together actually making money are over.

With market saturation comes a highly competitive environment.  To reach the top you have to be the best at what you do, or connected to some of those who are already established and can launch you to a new level by featuring you on their platform.

To really generate significant income is not as easy as they’d lead you to believe because as stated, it’s not in their best interest for you to understand how much work it actually takes.  Think of successful internet marketers as professional athletes.  You see them in the spotlight all the time, but for every one professional there are thousands who failed to reach that level.  You’re never shown those people.

An internet marketing guru will show you hundreds of examples of their friends who have also become successful and talk to them briefly for an hour to manage your perception and make it appear that anyone can do this, and success is abundant for those who try.

In reality, what went into that achievement cannot even begin to be expressed in a brief article, or one hour podcast.  Again, the idea is to get you to believe it’s easy, anyone can do it, and there’s no reason not to devote yourself.  Once you’ve been lead to these beliefs the next logical step is, what now?  How do I get my money?  And they couldn’t be happier that you asked.  Check out my eBook, digital course, exclusive training program, and if you’re still not an overnight success, here’s a bunch of affiliate links where you can spend money with the promise to make money.

If you can’t see through internet marketing tactics being used on you, you’ll never be a successful internet marketer yourself; period.

To wrap this up, how did they get you?  Well they identified a source of pain in your life.  That being, lack of money, dissatisfaction with your current job, or life circumstances.  They realized there was urgency in finding a solution to resolve this pain, gain more money, and change your life circumstances.  Then they associated the solution to this emotional pain with the products and services they had to offer.  If done successfully you would have never seen it and you’d gratefully pay them for whatever it was they were selling.

There is a way out.  There is a path to success.  You are the way out, and you possess the mind to navigate that path to succeed.  Don’t ever extinguish your own mind, and your own independent thought by believing that someone else is more capable of navigating you to success than you are.  Absorb lessons from those who give value.  Avoid those who take it.  Embrace those who are seeking the truth, run from those who claim to have found it.

internet business

Pay attention to the motive behind those out their competing for your attention.  What it boils down to is authenticity.  There are people with pure intentions who want to make the world a better place and help whoever they can, but there are also those looking to exploit as many people as possible for their own personal gain.

Making money through internet business and marketing can definitely happen for anyone who’s dedicated enough to learn.  Do your research, know your purpose, understand who you want to reach, how you want to help, and the best way to reach your audience.  When  you find someone who authentically wants to help you, as opposed to take value from you, your intuition will let you know and your mind will validate that.  Be persistent and keep going to see where the journey takes you.

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Andy RandonIf You Belong to This Group, You Will Not Succeed in Internet Business

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