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Hey everyone,

I’m going to do things a little differently today, hope you don’t mind the change of pace.  Anyways, this blog is something I do as a hobby and I enjoy every second of it.  Unfortunately it’s the things we enjoy most that tend to get lost in the shuffle and we have the most difficulty finding the time for.

But that’s no excuse for my lack of content lately.  Life’s been crazy and that’s to be expected at times.  After a series of frustrating events I hadn’t really been in the right mood to write anything motivational, or inspiring.  It’s hard to express those ideas when you’re not feeling them yourself.  So the past few weeks have been tough and I’m trying to regroup, come up with a fresh plan, and take action to get things back on track.

I appreciate the comments and feedback by the way.  Makes me feel less like I’m just rambling on and talking to myself, so if you’re debating whether or not to comment, please do.  I try to produce the best quality information possible and it’s nice to see that people are actually reading it.

When I started this blog my vision was to share all the life changing information I’ve come across over the years and my life experiences that have changed the way I perceive, well… everything.  I’ve had some awesome realizations and have been blessed with some amazing influences in my life.  I was hoping that I could pass on all that I’ve learned to anyone who’s interested and help improve their lives the way others have helped improve mine.

I used to have no idea what I wanted out of life and I used to have a lot of self-defeating, negative thought processes.  When I finally overcame this and brought my mind to a better place, I realized that there are so many people wasting their potential and settling in life all because of the way they choose to think.  The goal is to have an empowering set of beliefs about yourself and about life.  This is what will take you to the next level.  This is what will eliminate your fears, and this is what will keep you shocking those around you with the things you accomplish.

If I could break it down to just a few key points it’d have to be the following:

1.  Life is too short and this is all you get so please, make the best of it and live it to the fullest.  Don’t leave room for regrets.

2.  Anything is possible and there are no limits in life.  If you keep working towards the things you want, and stay persistent you will achieve greatness.  Even if you don’t reach you’re idealized end goal you initially set out to achieve, you will learn so much in the process throughout your journey and that experience will be priceless just knowing you went for it when most people are afraid to.  Most people take their dreams to the grave and that’s a tragedy.

3.  Live in abundance, and this doesn’t mean massive debt in exchange for material possessions.  Realize that you have more than you’d ever need.  Realize all your needs are met.  None of your problems are serious unless they’re life threatening to you, or someone close to you.  Worrying about anything is just wasted emotional energy.  This simple realization should be enough to get you to stop doing it.  It’s irrational and doesn’t change anything so don’t ever waste your time and energy worrying about anything.

4.  Appreciate all that you have in your life.  Appreciate your friends, family, your job, your living situation, everything you take for granted.  Take time to realize how amazing your life truly is and how we live in a time of pure luxury compared to the way humans have lived for hundreds of thousands of years.

5.  Know what’s truly important to you in life.  Not what everyone else values, but what means the most to you.  What brings you fulfillment, love, and joy.  Don’t let society dictate your values to you, get in touch with what you value at the core of your being, and let that direct you down your path in life.

6.  Choose to be happy on a daily basis.  Your emotional state is a choice.  How much you allow things to effect you is a choice, and what you react to is also a choice.  Choose what feels best.

So there you have it.  If I had to give the most generalized, yet meaningful life advice, this would be it.  The secret to all these things is consistency.  You have to make thinking positive, having a high level of self-awareness, and continuously working towards all that you want a habit. It will get your life moving in the right direction which amounts to drastic leaps of progress as the years pass.

Hollywood movies have us conditioned to believe that it’s ok that life isn’t perfect now because everyone eventually gets a happy ending.  This has no basis in reality.  There is no happy ending guaranteed to anyone.  In fact, nothing is guaranteed except for death.  It’s funny how we all can’t wait to get to the future when in actuality we’re wishing to be closer to our own ending.

It’s important to keep the fact that you will one day die in mind.  That’s reality and accepting this will drive you to only care about what really matters in life.  It will help you to throw aside all the petty issues and to never sweat the small stuff.

A close friend of mine lost his youngest brother this week suddenly.  He was only 26 years old.  Words can’t describe how awful this made me feel and how tragic the situation is.  It’s one of those things you just can’t make sense out of.  But it lead me to an interesting realization.  To see so many family members and friends come together to support him and his family was inspirational.  I know this is pretty standard when a death occurs but it wasn’t just the support that stuck me.  It was the fact that everyone was so loving of his brother who had passed.  Everyone had nothing but great things to say about him and they were truly genuine compliments.

I think there’s a lesson to be learned here.  No matter how much we may think we dislike someone, no matter what kind of grudge you may hold against someone, no matter what anyone has done to you in the past, you would never wish death upon that person.  Or if you did and you got your wish you would feel awful.  Not saying this has anything to do with my friends brother, but as a general observation, hate is a very shallow emotion and I believe that when you look at the bigger picture you’d be forgiving of everyone always, including yourself.

Furthermore, we as in the entire human race, need to stop taking each other for granted.  Deep down at the core of it all, it’s very easy for us to be loving of each other.  It’s so easy to just look for the best in others, and appreciate them for who they are, no matter how different they may be.  The opportunities to live a fulfilling life and to obtain ultimate happiness are all around us every day of our lives.  The opportunities lie within every person you pass by throughout your day to day activity.  Connecting with those you encounter and being loving is the key to fulfillment.

As you give them your full attention, as you show gratitude and empathy for them, and as you engage them in a brief interaction you will receive more joy in the process than you could ever give.  When you get to the core of what really matters, it’s not money, it’s not your career, it’s not social recognition, or fame that matters.  It’s the little moments and the minimal effortless interactions that may just turn someones day around that will bring you joy.  Maybe just being there to listen, whatever it is, if you can be loving to everyone and see the best in them, you’ll never have a disappointing day as long as you live.

And as far as the line about worrying and how pointless it truly is goes, its gotten me pondering about whether THINKING all together is a waste of energy and changes nothing…  We’re all so caught up in our self absorbed thoughts day in and day out.  What purpose does this actually serve?  What good does it do?  The things I enjoy most in life are the things that get me out of my head and totally in the moment.  Whether it be playing hockey, drumming, snowboarding, the common factor is they all lead to being in the moment, free of thought.

Any time I avoid going after the things I truly desire, it’s usually thought that convinced me not to go for it.  Doubt within my internal dialog.  The mind is our means of survival.  It is the tool we use to meet our needs and sustain our existence.  But it’s just a tool.  You are not your mind.  What you truly are at the core of it all shines through when you are present in the moment, not retreating into your head, caught up in some arbitrary thought loop that changes nothing.

To paraphrase a quote from Atlas Shrugged, “Thought is a weapon one uses in order to act.  Thought is the tool by which one makes a choice.  Thought sets one’s purpose and the way to reach it.”

I guess the conclusion I’m going to draw is that thought serves no purpose unless it leads to ACTION.  If you’re not going to act upon your thoughts then they serve no purpose.  You’re wasting your time thinking and you’d be better off not thinking at all and just being in the moment.  I just came up with a new concept I’d like to test out.  I’m going to try not to think as much as possible the next few days or so and see how it impacts my quality of life and my state of being.

the pursuit of happiness

I’ll do my best to try this out and report back anything worth while.  I think we’re all so caught up in a constant state of thinking, where our minds just dominating our consciousness, that we don’t realize how enslaved we are by these thoughts and how they dilute the reality which exists right before our eyes.  You’re sensory awareness is numbed when you’re focus is inside your head thinking about whatever thoughts that currently occupy your mind.

I had no intention of taking this post in the direction it went, but I found the thought process here to be interesting, so I hope you did too.  I also find it interesting that thought lead me to the concept of not thinking…  How ironic.

I’d never say that thinking all together is absolutely horrible because that’s obviously not the case.  However, I do believe we think too much about things that don’t actually matter, or we have no intention to act upon.  This is where I believe we can improve.  Throw all the speculation, worry, future projections, application of meaning, wondering about outcomes aside and just live in the moment.  This concept is what sounds ideal to me.  I’ll have to experience it for myself (if I can even prevent myself from thinking as much as I usually so) and see how it changes my emotional state/quality of life.  Then long term impacts will also need to be taken into consideration.  I will let you know how it goes.

For more on fulfillment check out a list of 20 points at SoLongMediocrity.   If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read here please connect with me on both facebook, and twitter if you haven’t already.  And with all sincerity, thank you for taking the time to read this.  I truly hope you got something out of it.

Until next time…

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Andy RandonGoing Deeper Into Fulfillment and Purpose

One Comment on ““Going Deeper Into Fulfillment and Purpose”

  1. Nick Cameron

    Great article man, I’ve had a lot of really similar realizations to the ones you described here, but you are able to word them well so they are easy to understand for a large audience on the internet. In case that website url that I posted above doesn’t work for you I’ll paste it again here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYQPyRk5Yrs This is a song recorded about the thought processes that prevent me from going for my dreams. Specifically in this song I’m talking about rapping but it can be applied to anything. A lot of what you were saying reminded me of it so I hope you’ll listen.

    I’ve read a few of your blog posts and I’m really liking everything so far, definitely keep it up. Feel free to send me an email if you want to talk any more.

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