Defining Your Purpose and Becoming Your Own Guru

Defining Your Purpose and Becoming Your Own Guru

What we call success is subjective depending upon who you ask, but what it boils down to is setting a purpose, clearly defining what it is you want to achieve, or who you want to become, and taking action towards making that ideal into a reality every day.  Becoming the person it takes to make those things happen for ourselves.

When a person sets out on this path and start to build momentum, those closest to them begin to realize that this person isn’t like everyone else.  This person is doing things differently, and actually beginning to make things happen for them self.  When this individual decides on a purpose for their life, they begin to take action in whatever way they can to make that dream a reality.  These actions create experiences.

One experience creates a whole branch of others, each with sub-experiences.  You learn something new which leads you to a more precise way of going about doing what you’re doing.  You begin to refine your approach and find an even more efficient way of working the new approach.  In the process you meet someone doing something similar who opens up a whole new realm of what’s possible.

These paths continue to grow, develop, and branch out again, and again.  Meanwhile you’re working on unrelated branches in other areas of your life.  And at some point they converge, connecting in a way you never could have imagined initially.  And it all started when you decided on a purpose.  You created an idea in your head and decided to act upon that idea.  You took that first step to bring your idea into reality and the rest snowballed from that single point of action.

Defining Your Purpose and Becoming Your Own Guru

At this point in the process you become eager to share with others the things you’ve accomplished.  You want them too, to open up and realize there are no limits.  You can become whatever you desire!  Life can be whatever you would like it to be!  But to really understand this you have to have the reference experience, and know that this is not a simplistic statement.  The truth is there, however the absolute understanding of it is one that knows the struggle that comes along with it.  It knows the dedication, and the amount of commitment required to get from that first step, to where you’re fully actualizing your purpose by tuning into the patterns and synchronicities of life.

Your minor success will be ignored by most and dismissed because it challenges them to rethink their entire belief system, facing the possibility of change.  This requires massive amounts of energy and effort so to avoid it, they will be dismissive of you, your success, and your enthusiasm.  It’s not until after you continue down that path, branching off, having more, and more experiences that they become interested.  Mastering your understanding of cause and effect, contributing, excelling, and realizing your potential, when you break through to find massive, undeniable levels of success by societies standards they’ll all be eager to learn how you became so lucky.

Only then will you no longer go to them looking to share what you discovered, but they will flock to you begging for a simplistic answer to how you got there, in hope that you can provide a few simple things for them to do, so they too can replicate your accomplishments.

Defining Your Purpose and Becoming Your Own Guru

Very few people are willing to take action immediately and be by your side while you’re blazing a new trail.  If you find someone with enough faith in what you share with them before your success boils over, consider yourself lucky, and value that person for the rarity that they are.  As soon as you’ve arrived at your destination and the trail has been blazed, masses of people who want what you have will come knocking on your door looking to explore that trail, believing that you posses the magical formula for success.

You see these gurus everywhere and their flocks of followers who cling to every word they say, just waiting for the simple secret to be spilled, so they can take it and effortlessly become an equal to the guru.  But of those masses of followers, how many ever do become equals, or better yet, surpass the guru?  Very few.  Why is that?

It’s because the one who has achieved success has done so quietly, over a long period of time.  Over that period of time, no one was interested in them, or what they were doing.  That period of time is when they were learning what it takes, one lesson at a time, believing they’d eventually get to where they were headed.  Piecing together all the lessons they were encountering to get to where they are, when they finally achieved enough of an accomplishment to impress the masses.

Defining Your Purpose and Becoming Your Own Guru

How much do you need to achieve for this to happen?  Well just make a nice margin more than the average household by doing what appears to be significantly less, or vastly more enjoyable than what they do for a living and you’ll have enough pull to draw them in.   What I believe is a big part of the problem is, at this point, even if this person wants to give you every secret and advantage they have, the problem is, much of what they do has become unconsciously competent.  They’ve done what they’re doing for so long that they no longer have to think about it.

The process begins with unconscious incompetence.  You’re unaware that you don’t know how to do something.  Once you become aware of that thing, you then become consciously incompetent.  You realize that this technique, this action, this talent can be done, but you don’t know how to do it.  After some studying and practice you become consciously competent.  At this phase you’re starting to get the hang of things and you’re highly attentive to what it is you’re doing.  It’s all new, it’s fresh, exciting, and you’re most enthusiastic.

You’re experiencing leaps of progress and you can talk extensively about what it is you’re attempting.  How it works, why it works, what you’re doing that may be wrong, and why that is.  You are highly conscious of every aspect, and hyper analyzing every detail in order to learn, improve, and master whatever it is you’re learning.  At this point you’d be the best teacher you can be because the lessons are so new.  Yhey’re tied to an intense emotional experience of excitement, possibility, and gratification as you witness your progression.

Defining Your Purpose and Becoming Your Own Guru

Eventually, after much repetition the skill set you’ve  acquired becomes very routine.  You no longer have to think about it.  It’s completely internalized, and pretty much happens on its own.  It is now unconsciously competent.

You remember a lot of what went into making it this way, but it’s not as sharp as it was when you were hyper analyzing, because you no longer need to be.  The skill is there when you want, and need it.  The roads have been paved years ago, and the infrastructure is now in place.  Why waste energy on the minor details?  It serves its purpose well.  So you no longer have the fresh learning process of conscious competence to draw from in the recent past.  You posses the skill, but it’s more difficult for you to articulate all the little things that contributed to its formation to get to the level you’ve achieved.

Those same people who blew you off when your results weren’t news worthy are now begging for the secret they could have discovered with you, had they listened then.  Regardless of that, you still have a ton of credibility based upon your success, and you do have a lot to offer, even if it’s not everything needed to reach, or surpass your level of achievement.  A few tips and tricks to take those who listen a few steps further than they would have gotten without you.  That’s all they need to continue to follow you, and believe that you are the answer they’re seeking.

Defining Your Purpose and Becoming Your Own Guru

The above is the wide spread dilemma we face today.  We witness this constantly in the world of the internet with all its charismatic personalities, clever thinkers, those who package information you haven’t encountered before and become your source for unique content, or inspiration.  It’s one leader who happened upon success one way or another, and a herd of followers, waiting for a piece of that success to fall off into their laps.

With that we come full circle to what the secret actually is.  The secret is within you.  The secret it the idea.  The secret is the purpose that you set out to achieve and create as your reality.  Once you determine this purpose you begin to take actions each and every day.  You put the ball in motion and can begin to map out those new experiences, new branches, new pathways.  They grow and expand as you persist through the highs, and lows.  You become the consciously competent, enthusiastic person with so much to share.  People disregard your ideas at that point in time until you progress to achieve greatness and the cycle repeats itself.

Don’t ever become overly concerned with someone else’s path.  Make sure your purpose is the number one priority, not what a guru happens to be talking about at that point in time.  Extract whatever knowledge you can from those who offer to share with you, but view them as no better, or worse than yourself.  Just because they’re currently further down the path than you are, or it appears that way at least, doesn’t mean it’s not possible for you to one day surpass their accomplishments.

What’s going to help you make it to that level?  Worrying about what they’re doing, or worrying about what you’re doing every day to make it happen?  Your time and attention are the most invaluable resources you have.  Be careful how much of them are spent focused on one individual who happened to reach their achievements before you.  Who’s really gaining the most value in the exchange?  The guru, or the herd of followers?  The one with the success, or the ones chasing it?  Does the gurus information contribute more to you, or do you as a follower contribute more to the guru?

Defining Your Purpose and Becoming Your Own Guru

To fully actualize your purpose you’ll have to break out on your own and make things happen for yourself.  This applies to the point in time where you’re enthusiastic and no one else will jump on board, as well as when you find a guru and begin to be lured off your path to obsess over every word they say, attempting to absorb all the content they’ve ever produced, believing that’s the answer.  Take what’s useful and apply it to your purpose.  Don’t invest all of your time in becoming a member of the tribe they lead.  Be the leader of your own tribe.  That’s the secret they’ll never come straight out and tell you.

On the guru’s own path before obtaining that title, do you believe they were obsessing over what someone else was doing, or busy building something of their own, which became their claim to fame?  This is where many are lead astray and miss the mark.  They place a higher level of importance on information than on taking action and experiencing things for themselves.

Note:  For more on discovering your true purpose visit SoLongMediocrity.  Additionally I would recommend a fascinating book called Atlas Shrugged which goes into great depth about clarity of purpose and individual achievement.  Lastly, please connect with me on both facebook, and twitter if you haven’t already.

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Andy RandonDefining Your Purpose and Becoming Your Own Guru

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