Why Content is King: Giving Back and Universal Truths

Why Content is King

As someone who writes a blog and has passion about doing so, one thing you always hope for is to get more traffic to the blog.  More eyes on your content in hopes to offer value, and establish a community based upon common interests.

At the root of this effort what works best? How do you become established? How do you get your content out there, and shared with potentially millions of people? Is it SEO? Is it an investment in advertising? Networking with other bloggers and engaging potential readers on social media? Guest posts on an already established blog? An e-mail list? Giving away something for free?  What does it take?

You can focus on any one of these elements and each has the potential to get people to visit your site, but at the root of it all it comes down to simply creating high value content. If you want to succeed that should be your primary focus.

universal truth - content is king

I believe that there are universal laws that govern our lives, and apply equally to everyone. If you want success you have to obey the laws that dictate the delegation of success. From my experience, positivity enables success, as well as hard work, persistence, faith, and hope. The opposites provoke an inverse result.

One of my personal greatest discoveries of these universal laws is that when you absolutely detach yourself from a specific outcome, when you are absolutely indifferent to reaching a superficial goal that everyone else is chasing with a self centered motive, and you decide that it truly does not matter if you get the prize you’re chasing or not, that’s when you will make leaps of progress.

Let me be clear about this.  In my experience it is in fact a universal truth. However this law is objective. It only deals in absolutes. If you tell yourself you’re completely indifferent to a desired outcome as a tactic to obtain that outcome, it will not work. If you hold on to wanting it even the slightest bit, it will not work.

Why Content is King

Only when you’ve absolutely let go of a desired outcome and decide that, “I’m going to continue doing this indefinitely and I don’t care if it doesn’t make me a star or transform my life,” that the results will manifest. I’m going to do this because I love what I’m doing, and that alone is invaluable. If it turns into something more, so be it. If not, it makes no difference to me. I don’t NEED that. I’m no longer concerned with a specific outcome.

When you rise above superficial desires and operate out of the love of what you’re doing, when you stop chasing, you turn your back, and walk away from that self-centered end goal, which was a huge part of your motive, when every fiber of your body is content with going on doing what you’re doing without any external reward, or ego achievement, the outcome you previously chased will begin to chase you.

It works the same way as a magnet. If you push a negative polarity towards another negative it will repel indefinitely, no matter how hard you try. As soon as you replace the negative with a positive it instantly attracts.

Why Content is King

It’s as if there’s some sort of esoteric, metaphysical force that exists based upon our conscious energy, our thoughts, and desires. Understand these laws and you can navigate smoothly through this reality. Resist them and you will live disappointment, after disappointment, the same way you would if you were dedicated to making the negative magnet attract another negative.

To bring this full circle, why does the key to a successful blog always boil down to great content? Because the creation of the content is the only strategy of those initially listed which focuses exclusively on offering value to others. Your content is what you have to share, to contribute to the quality of others lives, to connect, and to elevate those who visit your site. SEO? Self serving in that you’re doing it to improve your site traffic, to increase your numbers without offering anything more than what’s already there.

Yes, you could argue that to help others you need to make it easier for them to find you, and I totally agree. But nine times out of ten, when people seek out SEO as a solution, is this really their primary motive, or is more traffic, more sales, more clicks on ads, and more affiliate revenue, that they’re truly concerned with? Which brings me back to the point that when your reader is your top priority, and you want to give them all you have to give, your time is much better spent creating mind blowing content than putting hours of work in to satisfy Google’s algorithms.

If your content is packed with value it will eventually be found, shared, and shared by authority sites.  The SEO will then take care of itself. Every new post has the potential to be the spark that ignites that fire.

Why Content is King

SEO can help, however your concern with it should be minimal compared to your effort to continuously offer as much value possible, every time you sit down to write. Remember your efforts are made out of the love of what you’re doing, with no concern for the outcome. Your intention is to create something for others, not inflate your stats for your own personal gain. Just remember that and your possibilities become limitless.  Instead of other peoples money being your master, you rise up and exist simply to better the lives of others, and to make the world a better place by the means of your contribution.

Reverse your polarity and physics will take care of the rest, the same way it never fails in the magnet examples. The universal laws are constant, and absolute.

Invest in discovering how these principals work and you can gain a much deeper understanding of success. Don’t be blinded by socially conditioned values focused on self absorbed, value taking mindsets. Let go of the superficial and realize the truth about simple cause, and effect relationships.  Choose unity over duality.

The key to having, is giving. Offer value to others every day of your life and you will receive more in return than you’re value taking efforts could ever extract.  Plus, you can receive it with a clean conscious. When your focus becomes, what can I produce? What is the absolute best I can give? Your results will be the inverse opposite from when you’re operating out of scarcity, focused on consumption, and taking of value.

Why Content is King - karma

This is where true fulfillment comes from; giving.  Letting go of chasing materialistic things, letting go of chasing the approval of others, the desire for recognition, both of which are centered in an externally validated reality, and a belief that you are defined by the way other people react to you.  Don’t ever give the power to define you away. It belongs to you, and you alone.

You decide what matters, you decide your self worth, your potential, your ideals, what it takes for you to be truly happy, and once you make a habit out of living your life this way, you can begin to see how these principals truly work.  You eliminate the white noise that is concerns for what others think of you, and free your mind to concentrate on a greater purpose, free of distraction.

Getting the money, the stuff that it buys, the status, and recognition that you think you want will only leave you with an empty feeling inside.  The fantasy is greater than the reality.  It’s all a superficial illusion that is the motive behind a lot of humans worst behavior.

Why Content is King - Status

Go back 400 years and you’d think that providing the people of that time with electricity, heat, air conditioning, grocery stores, refrigerators, and clean water would create a utopia where everyone was perpetually happy.  Well here we are, and guess what?  Just like anything else, you get used to having it, and take it for granted, completely eliminating its magical ability to provide happiness.

How about status?  Everyone wants to be a celebrity.  Sounds great doesn’t it?  People obsessed over you who recognize you everywhere you go, want to take pictures of you, with you, talk about you, concerned with your personal life.  People who know absolutely nothing about you as a person.  Who have such simple lives that they see you on a TV screen, and immediately conform to the idea that you must be something special.

They’re not concerned with getting to know the real you.  They’re not concerned with what kind of person you truly are.  They’re concerned with leaching value off of your social status.  Taking a picture to impress their friends.  All celebrities are just people.  To be overly concerned with someone you’ve never met is just bizarre.  Imagine if you’re an accountant and people obsessed about you, your career stats, your personal life, etc.  Doesn’t that seem a little odd?

why content is king - celebrity

Just because someone’s face/brand is flashed in front of you endlessly doesn’t make it any different.  You’re playing into a tactic to sell you more stuff you don’t need, and keeping that person on a pedestal, while making others behind the scenes rich.

If everyone stopped conforming, the money dries up, those people have to find another means to provide for themselves, and before you know it, no one cares who they are anymore.

The point is, money and status won’t provide fulfillment the way giving to others will.  Give back, help others achieve their dreams, provide a unique perspective your readers may have never otherwise encountered.  Watch the emails and messages come in from people who are compelled enough to reach out to share their stories and say thank you.  Finding fulfillment in life is that simple and elegant.

Evaluate your motive for all that you do and begin to assess how you can create a life where you can give your best to others, while doing what you love, to create a win, win scenario for all involved, in every way possible.

Why Content is king - Give Back

If you don’t experience a deep sense of joy in whatever it is you’re doing, and instead keep chasing some idealized outcome you’re convinced will bring meaning to your life, then you believe that the end will one day justified the means. Your inability to enjoy what you currently have, and where you currently are has imprisoned you in a state of frustration.  Instead of seeing the beauty in the present moment you choose to struggle, and suffer through it with the belief that at some unknown point in the future, one end goal will be achieved and you’ll live happily ever after.  This is no way to live. Enjoy the ride, or get off, and find one that can bring you fulfillment right now.

Does it make sense to suffer, and endure misery in exchange for the possibility of something more, or should you instead have that joy in your life now, every step along the way on your path to greatness?

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Andy RandonWhy Content is King: Giving Back and Universal Truths

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