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  1. Kathy Coonfer

    So…I’ve been searching for (my entire life), for answers….to questions I don’t even have or even know yet. In the past few months I’ve accompanied my best friend on her final journey. Heather was so very enlightened and I learned so much from her. We were just getting into “the thick of things” spiritually when she got sick. I visited her in the hospice and we would discuss life (and so many other things). Her final words to me were “20 points. 20 points. She repeated it over and over. She could hardly speak so I never really understood what she meant, yet I knew in my heart it was something great. Today I found your website. Her 53rd birthday would be tomorrow. I can’t help but to think she guided me here. Thank you so much! I will read this over and over (when I’m not bawling!).

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