Logic and Action in the Absence of Emotion and Balance – The Overachievers Downfall

Logic and Action in the Absence of Emotion and Balance - The Overachievers Downfall

I’ve been drawn to highly intelligent entrepreneur  types for nearly a decade now who publish their own books, create an endless amount of content, turn their passions into a business, brand themselves, monetize what they’ve created, market to the audience that they’ve developed, and continuously strengthen their intellect.  These are individuals who are not only at the top quartile of intelligence, but who have used that strength to take massive action while believing in themselves to get to where they are. As someone who is drawn to this, I too have read a countless number of books, viewed a massive … Read More

Andy RandonLogic and Action in the Absence of Emotion and Balance – The Overachievers Downfall

Why Dream For The Distant Future When You Can Have It All Now?

Why Dream For The Distant Future When You Can Have It All Now?

Often times we look at the challenges before us and they can appear to be so massive that we believe that our efforts to overcome them are futile.  When this happens we give up without a fight, and our perception of those challenges being too big to overcome, becomes a reality.  What you expect to happen in life usually does, for better or for worse, so it’s important to pay attention to the limitations we impose upon ourselves as well as the failures we accept without putting forth any effort. It’s quite obvious to most rational people that a small … Read More

Andy RandonWhy Dream For The Distant Future When You Can Have It All Now?

Why Content is King: Giving Back and Universal Truths

Why Content is King

As someone who writes a blog and has passion about doing so, one thing you always hope for is to get more traffic to the blog.  More eyes on your content in hopes to offer value, and establish a community based upon common interests. At the root of this effort what works best? How do you become established? How do you get your content out there, and shared with potentially millions of people? Is it SEO? Is it an investment in advertising? Networking with other bloggers and engaging potential readers on social media? Guest posts on an already established blog? … Read More

Andy RandonWhy Content is King: Giving Back and Universal Truths

Ancient Knowledge Transcribed

secret society

Today I’m going to do something a little different.  Instead of writing my thought’s I’ve transcribed something that I found to be fascinating from a YouTube video.  It’s actually from a series of videos called Ancient Knowledge which can be found at this YouTube channel.  The entire series is quite interesting and well worth your time.  As mentioned in my last post (10Ways To Start Saving Money Now) I don’t pay for cable so I tend to find these kind of videos more enjoyable and will often watch them on my TV with Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player.  I’ve … Read More

Andy RandonAncient Knowledge Transcribed

Limitations Imposed By Unconscious Fear

Stone Cold Steve Austin Fuck Fear Drink Beer

“All men have fears, but the brave put down their fears and go forward, sometimes to death, but always to victory” – How to Win Friends and Influence People Just a few minutes ago I felt compelled to write a new post and as usual, I wanted to just speak what’s on my mind and let it develop into whatever subject that may come out.  I was pondering a few thoughts on happiness, what creates it, why it can be so abundant at times, and other times, so out of reach.  This thought led me to think about the moments I’ve … Read More

Andy RandonLimitations Imposed By Unconscious Fear

Self Development and Relationships


When I started my journey into conscious self development I set out on that course because I wanted to improve my life.  I wanted to improve the person I was becoming, and I wanted to continuously grow in every area of my life.  There was hope for a better future, better relationships, more success, more happiness and achievement.  I believed that if I could grow in all these areas of my life, I could obtain all the things I ever wanted out of life, and ultimately achieve a feeling of fulfillment. Those were all great ideals, but often times the … Read More

Andy RandonSelf Development and Relationships

How to Build Muscle – By An Ectomorph Who Managed to Gain 65 Pounds

How to build muscle

Hey man, you wanna build some muscle man?  You do?  Well that’s good man, you at the write blog post. What’s up everybody.  In a previous post I mentioned how over the past years I’ve gotten into weight lifting and gained 65 pounds of mostly muscle over that time period.  I received an email asking about how I was able to go about doing that and some pointers on gaining muscle so I decided I’d write a post to cover some of the basics.     Let me start out by saying that I’m tall, I naturally have a smaller … Read More

Andy RandonHow to Build Muscle – By An Ectomorph Who Managed to Gain 65 Pounds

Self Confidence, How to Gain More and Fast


“Your business in life is, presumably, to achieve success.  To be successful, you must find peace of mind, acquire the material needs of life and, above all, attain happiness.  All of these evidences of success begin in the form of thought impulses.  You may control your own mind; you have the power to feed it whatever thought impulses you choose.  With this privilege goes also the responsibility of using it constructively.  You are the master of your own earthly destiny just as surely as you have the power to control your own thoughts.  You may influence, direct and eventually control … Read More

Andy RandonSelf Confidence, How to Gain More and Fast

Relationship Advice and Perspective

silhouette of couple

“Everyone wants to be loved.  But first we must make ourselves lovable.  We must prepare ourselves to be loved.  We do this by becoming ourselves loving, disciplined human beings.  If we seek to be loved – if we expect to be loved – this cannot be accomplished, we will be dependent and grasping, not genuinely loving.  But when we nurture ourselves and others without a primary concern for finding reward, then we will have become lovable, and the reward of being loved, which we have not sought, will find us.” -The Road Less Travelled   As far as relationships go…  … Read More

Andy RandonRelationship Advice and Perspective

New Action Creates New Experience and Growth

Toronto from CN Tower at night

Welcome back. Finally after a few weeks I have a moment to sit down and write something here.  I apologize for the lack of content lately.  I’ve been in Toronto all week on business, where I’ll also be staying the next 3 work weeks.  My days have been filled with long hours at the office, followed by a nice dinner and after that, hitting the gym at the hotel, exploring the city, or site seeing. So aside from that, it’s nice to be home for the weekend and I really wanted to make an effort to generate some quality content … Read More

Andy RandonNew Action Creates New Experience and Growth