Stay On Your Path – A “Back to Basics” Approach to Fulfilling Your Purpose

Staying on your path

Money, or the addition of monetary incentive to an activity corrupts the previous enjoyment of that activity.  Monetary compensation has to exclusively be a side effect of following your passion and bringing value.  It cannot be the primary focus.  By associating material success with following your dreams and living your life’s purpose you can corrupt your vision and create a sense of inner conflict. The selfish, greed injected desire to take value and to accumulate material possessions can paralyze you from taking action because this corruption of pure intent does not mesh with what must be your primary motivation (pursuing … Read More

Andy RandonStay On Your Path – A “Back to Basics” Approach to Fulfilling Your Purpose

Reflection and Change – Everybody’s Doing it This Time of Year

Reflection and Change - Everybody's Doing it This Time of Year

Another year gone by as I sit and reminisce on the past.  So many cherished memories and good times had.  It’s funny when I think about a lot of the great moments from my past it seems like they just happened yesterday, but actually they were many years ago.  Time really does fly.  Looking back on the good times really makes me miss the way life used to be.  Thinking back to my early twenties, there was such an abundance of free time, although I thought I was busy back then.  I didn’t have much money or income, but money … Read More

Andy RandonReflection and Change – Everybody’s Doing it This Time of Year

Cure Disease and Escape Poverty With This Proven Method

Mind-body connection

Why is it that such a large percentage of people live out their entire existence in poverty?  What prevents them from ever taking action to change their circumstances and eliminate the pain of going without some of the necessities in life, not knowing where your next meal is coming from, always having to go without, in an endless stream of sacrifice?  Ask anyone if they had the choice between having money, or not, and it’s fairly easy to predict the answer to that question.  But when you look at the level of poverty in the world today, many of those … Read More

Andy RandonCure Disease and Escape Poverty With This Proven Method

Defining Your Purpose and Becoming Your Own Guru

Defining Your Purpose and Becoming Your Own Guru

What we call success is subjective depending upon who you ask, but what it boils down to is setting a purpose, clearly defining what it is you want to achieve, or who you want to become, and taking action towards making that ideal into a reality every day.  Becoming the person it takes to make those things happen for ourselves. When a person sets out on this path and start to build momentum, those closest to them begin to realize that this person isn’t like everyone else.  This person is doing things differently, and actually beginning to make things happen … Read More

Andy RandonDefining Your Purpose and Becoming Your Own Guru

Purpose Redefined – Bringing The Blog Back To Life

The last post I wrote was in January 2013.  At the time of writing this, it’s now August 18, 2014.  Thinking back, so much has changed in my life since then. I always have been busy, but between then and now I’ve been exceptionally busy.  I still am, but I’ve realized that writing and sharing my ideas was one of the things that kept me level headed, and helped me maintain my composure throughout stressful times. With that being said I’m back.  I thought about creating a new blog for quite some time but there’s no sense in reinventing when  I already … Read More

Andy RandonPurpose Redefined – Bringing The Blog Back To Life

20 Points On How To Live a Happy, Fulfilling Life

20 Points RSD Nation

Hi Everyone, I’ve taken a lot of time off from writing to focus on other things, but I realize how beneficial it was for me to get my thoughts down on paper in the past, so I’ve decided to put something new together today. I guess the best way to explain my most recent absence is, I finally broke out of a long term struggle and obtained the outcome I’d been searching for.  While in the midst of that struggle I had a lot of determination, drive, and emotion that fueled me to write passionately about whatever topic I was … Read More

Andy Randon20 Points On How To Live a Happy, Fulfilling Life

Wake Up! – Break Away From Preconditioned Beliefs and Free Your Mind


Hello all, Today I thought I’d sort of reintroduce my purpose here with this blog to mark my first in depth article since my return, and also to set course in a new direction.  As I said a few days ago, my older material was a great foundation but I’ve reached the point where it’s time to dig deeper.  Let’s start out by explaining the web address/domain name I’ve chosen. Choosing a domain name is not easy.  You want something marketable with some alliteration, but when you come up with those type of names the demand is much higher so … Read More

Andy RandonWake Up! – Break Away From Preconditioned Beliefs and Free Your Mind

Creating Balance With a Focus On Purpose


Welcome back, Hope all is well with everyone.  Lately I’ve been trying to figure out how to drive traffic to this blog and haven’t been as focused on content, but now that I’ve had some success with that I’d like to ease back into content while simultaneously working with new ways to grow traffic. My past 10 posts have been the foundation of the principles I wanted to discuss.  Now I’d like to hit a few more refined ideas that really go deeper.  The title of this post is “Creating Balance With a Focus On Purpose.”  I want to talk … Read More

Andy RandonCreating Balance With a Focus On Purpose

Going Deeper Into Fulfillment and Purpose


Hey everyone, I’m going to do things a little differently today, hope you don’t mind the change of pace.  Anyways, this blog is something I do as a hobby and I enjoy every second of it.  Unfortunately it’s the things we enjoy most that tend to get lost in the shuffle and we have the most difficulty finding the time for. But that’s no excuse for my lack of content lately.  Life’s been crazy and that’s to be expected at times.  After a series of frustrating events I hadn’t really been in the right mood to write anything motivational, or … Read More

Andy RandonGoing Deeper Into Fulfillment and Purpose

Set Your Goals – Planning For Achievement


Hello and Happy New Year!!! As I talked about in my previous post, I’ve been away on business leading right up to the holidays.  I was home in time to finish up my Christmas shopping last minute and enjoy the Holidays with my family and friends back home. Getting away from my home town and taking on a new city on my own was an awesome experience.  I’ve got a nice routine that keeps me productive and keeps me moving forward at home, but getting away from the familiar for awhile really helped me to grow in a lot of … Read More

Andy RandonSet Your Goals – Planning For Achievement