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Today I’m going to do something a little different.  Instead of writing my thought’s I’ve transcribed something that I found to be fascinating from a YouTube video.  It’s actually from a series of videos called Ancient Knowledge which can be found at this YouTube channel.  The entire series is quite interesting and well worth your time.  As mentioned in my last post (10Ways To Start Saving Money Now) I don’t pay for cable so I tend to find these kind of videos more enjoyable and will often watch them on my TV with Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player.  I’ve got a few favorite videos I intended to do this for.  Please check it out and let me know what you think.

The reason nobody knows anything can only be explained to you by a metaphor. In this realm you can only use metaphor. Think of the difference between a broadband connection and a 56k connection.

Now there are people that know what is occurring in this reality. Many of them joined secret societies. So it’s not that they have knowledge, but they have acquired information. They went in reverse. You see, true knowledge is true knowledge. Those with understanding understand what I just said, those without don’t. It’s pre-symbol.

A symbol is no different than any expression; a song, a picture, a sound, a look, a touch. A symbol should be the result of knowledge. The understanding, the awareness and then you have the symbol surface.

Having somebody learn symbols and than distributing a very strategically limited amount of meaning to that person does not give them knowledge. They perceive that they’re getting knowledge. The meaning transferred by using a symbol is directly dependent upon who is receiving the information.

What they do to you early is show you all the symbols and tell you what they mean. And they don’t tell you completely of course, they tell you what they want you to think they mean. Why? Because what is the true purpose of being? If you’re not extracting meaning from your path, from your experience, deriving meaning from it and creating expression, the expression would always be the symbolic picture.

If you’re only copying what they told you things mean and replicating what they’ve told you to use them for, and how to use them, how to speak, how to think, what means what, what you’re supposed to do, what the meaning of your life is, if you allow yourself to be told what the meaning of your life is by something in your objective reality, somebody else, what is your purpose other than to be a slave?

secret society

If you’re not creating, and the only way you’re going to create is by extracting meaning from within; if you can’t do that, what is the point of you being around? Those that have opened up and are seeking information, because information is not knowledge.

Enlightenment would be in the category of information. Why? Because as its’ sold, as it ends up being, all you’re doing is changing your perception of reality, just seeing other templates of symbolic expression. There are no answers there if you’re depending upon anything you experience to give you those answers.

So in truth, if you have the meaning inside and you come up with symbols and you see them in your objective reality, maybe somebody else came up with it too, you have an immediate understanding. Sometimes that can be faked, or replicated. Somebody who has been indoctrinated into a system where they had to learn specific meanings to symbols, somebody who is in the know, one who has knowledge may run into somebody like that and the person may have learned enough so that you have an understanding, but the person who learned it will still look at you, if you came from within to know in a way that they’re curious. How do you know? Because you seem to have a fuller understanding of it.

A non polarized understanding of it. They learn a few specific ways to talk about it and what it means but you can talk about it endlessly with different metaphors. What’s the difference? Well what’s the difference between reading a book and memorizing somebody else’s conclusions and extracting meaning and coming to your own? It’s like the difference between a muffin top and a muffin.

They’ve got you all eating off muffin tops but you don’t have the knowledge underneath. Is that a permanent thing? Absolutely not. The reason you don’t know anything is that many people that do have knowledge, even if they wanted to tell you, it’s like they are on a broadband connection and you’re on 56k.

There is so much information and unfortunately as it is right now, the general population has no idea. They look at a symbol. Either they really don’t have any understanding of it or it’s a very limited understanding. If you have knowledge inside of you, you could sit there and talk about that one symbol all day.

There’s more than one meaning attached to symbols. If you seek the symbol, the muffin top, you will never have the whole muffin. And this is what people do when they try to seek videos and books, they’re looking for muffin tops, they’re looking for the end result therefore you are dependent on the meaning that is given to you.

secret society

So somebody in the know that is talking to somebody that isn’t in the know can be very difficult. Why? Well a very naive thing to say, or if somebody is trying to manipulate you and to control your mind they’ll say this, “the truth is an easy thing to say and anybody who speaks for a very long time to you, they’re trying to manipulate you.”

Now that’s a very naive thing to say. Yea, somebody that depends upon a lot of words may be trying to control what you’re thinking, could very well be trying to manipulate you, but if you depend upon length of speech, and that’s where your perception lies, you wouldn’t be able to tell anyway.

If someones trying to manipulate you, you should pick up on that within seconds regardless of what they’re saying. The truth is something easy to say if one person in the know is speaking to another person in the know. In other words, you both reached the same conclusions and you know it.

You know when other people know. You just do. That’s why they don’t say anything other than that. You know when other people know. Well you say that that’s ambiguous. No that’s ambiguous to you. But that is a symbol.

To say that sentence, you know when other people know, that is a symbol and those who have come to the conclusion on their own understand the full meaning of that. Those who may have heard that from some philosopher and were told that that philosopher was brilliant so they decided to dwell upon things the philosopher said. It’s the conclusion that matters.

Because if you reach it on your own the conclusion is a symbol. It is a symbolic representation. The quote, the conclusion that has so much attached to it. All of your experiences that tie into the conclusion. How do you extract meaning? Well perhaps you have an experience.

secret society

It could be a social experience, it could be anything. And that experience is finished and it means nothing to you. Then you have another experience and it’s different, but you see that there’s something similar to that other experience. And then you have a third experience now and it’s really similar to all three of them. Then you have a 4th experience that solidifies the similarity and prompts a question.

It was the 4th experience that prompted you to ask the question, but it required the other three proceeding it. The 4th experience if it were isolated in, and of itself, would never have prompted it. You needed all four experiences, so now you have the question. And maybe you have a whole other series of experience that are happening so you can extract meaning to address the question.

Maybe after all of that you come to a conclusion and now that conclusion propels you in your advancement of understanding, and you start extracting meaning in your life, and you start a whole other series of experiences. And that’s just one facet of your life, and maybe simultaneously you have 30 other paths going like that like I just explained, and maybe all 30 of them come to one peak of a conclusion and you needed all 30 paths that had many many experiences within each path leading up to my new conclusions that come together that lead you to another understanding.

secret society

That takes time. It takes attentiveness and the desire to have meaning, to have purpose. Now that one understanding can be one of thousands that tie in and you don’t even know it until you reach that, “oh my gosh,” moment. All these things come from within your ability to make use of pattern recognition. To see how things are always, and never the same.

What do they have in common? Your spirit will lay breadcrumbs for you throughout your entire life, or path. So if you come to an understanding and then several understandings, and you know how much is involved with it you can tell other people the details of your path, but that isn’t their path. And if they try to memorize the details of your path, they’re pulled off of their path.

And the idea of indoctrinating someone with an oath is absolutely evil. Why? Because they’re declaring that they don’t want you to be a creative being and extract your own meaning. You will go through steps in which they will spoon feed you meaning. And because its more meaning than you had before, more knowledge, you’re really impressed by it.

You think you’re actually getting something, you think you’re actually empowered. When they know that by keeping you from being able to extract meaning on your own, they’ve got complete control over you. They have pulled you off of your path.

But if they did that successfully you would never even have thought of that now would you? Because you won’t extract your own meaning. Never the less somebody with a lot of knowledge if they’re on a broadband connection and they’re speaking to somebody on a 56k connection its anything but easy to tell the truth.

Like I said before one in the know can say the truth to another very easily to another in the know. If one in the know is speaking to another individual that is not in the know, saying the truth is anything but easy.

Why? Because of what you know, you know of the enormous gaps that they have that you cannot just say the truth because they’ll understand the words with the limited understanding that they have in their concept building by society, but they would need to go through so much, and you know that they don’t believe that.

secret society

Telling them that makes no sense to them. They say the truth is simple, you should be able to give me a simple answer. Then what happens is the people with knowledge get very frustrated. The very moment you interrupt them or cut off what they’re saying to you when they have to extend great patients to try to tell the truth, and you cut them off to try to tell them your opinion, or agree with them, or disagree with them.

To somebody in the know when they’re speaking to somebody who’s not in the know, when the person that is not in the know says that they agree, or disagree, both of those things are offensive because they know that you should just have your mouth shut and take in what they’re saying.  And a lot of what they’re saying will be rhetoric.

But I talk to people like this all the time, they completely ignore the rhetoric. I’ll use rhetoric that if they had wisdom they would understand that at least, ok, there’s something with this. Then they blow it off, they go yea, but anyway and then I’ll blow them off, and they have no idea why I blew them off.

Or people will just bombard me with questions. Questions that you call loaded, because you lack so much just in the fact that you’re asking those questions shows how much you don’t know. And you ask them in such a naive way, it’s not your fault but you expect a simple answer.

People will go up to somebody with knowledge that has required a lifetime of attentive awareness to their experiences, detailed, and disciplined effort to extract meaning from your life and they ask you a simple question, and expect somehow that you’ll be able to transfer a lifetime of experience in two or three paragraphs. They truly do. They do expect that otherwise they wouldn’t ask the question.

secret society

So you have this huge gap between those in the know, and those not in the know. Those who are not in the know do not know that they are not in the know because of how they have been taught to think. They have been incorrectly instructed in their thinking process itself. They have been taught to look outside of themselves for answers. They have been misinformed about what answers are because they’ve spent their whole life having the meaning spoon fed to them.  They think that’s how it works, so you ask a question and somebody can spoon feed you the answer.

And because you lack any meaning or understanding you don’t understand why that answer is wrong, limited, or even misleading you. You can’t based upon how you’ve been instructed to think. So a lot of people that have knowledge when they interact with the average person they get very frustrated. They’ll just look at you. All they can do is look at you because they can’t say anything to you because you would not be able to extract meaning from what they’d say.

If they said gum, all you would do is hear chewing gum, and they’re thinking 500 different meanings to gum all leading up to a point of conclusion. If you lack that, it’s a waste of time to tell you anything. This is why when you hear someone tell you that you cannot be told the truth, this is why.

So they’ll look at you and they’ll have that look, and those in the know will understand that look. It’s a look that says you know so little. That you know absolutely nothing and don’t know it. To tell you what I know I would need 500 mouths and have to be able to speak 500 different sentences simultaneously all at the same time to express what I know, and you would have to be able to interpret 500 simultaneous sentences flowing at you at once.

That’s what that look says. And the look also says you don’t even know that. And if I told you that you would call me arrogant because you’ve been trained to call people arrogant. You don’t even know what that means.

So they’ll just sit there and shake their head at you. They shake their head from side, to side because they’re paralyzed. It’s the questions you ask, the way that you ask the questions, and what you do if they actually try to answer them. How long does it take before you cut them off, roll your eyes, or get distracted by something that occurs in the room.

secret society

They’re trying to tell you something and maybe your cell phone will ring, and you’ll tell the person trying to give you truth to hang on, Shelly has to talk about her boyfriend. You’re not going to get the truth, you’re nowhere near prepared to even comprehend anything that is true. And then you say come on just tell me. You can’t be told. Well that doesn’t make sense, all you have to do is tell me. You can’t be told, not in your current state.

You need a lot of work and you don’t understand why you need a lot of work. That’s what it comes down to. Now nothing is 100%. Am I saying that every free mason has been spoon fed? No, there’s a lot of intuitive people that probably joined that, but they were naive enough to be sucked in.

But some of these people may want to tell the world things. Maybe they thought, you know, this isn’t fair, I’ve gotta tell them what’s going on, and they tried. Maybe they tried with a few people, but they got the rolling of the eyes, or the person that they knew, knew nothing tried to debate them.   They’re so far out of the know that they can’t even recognize truth when it’s told to them.

secret society

Do you know that the majority of the people that look up information on the illuminati point their fingers at people in the illuminati. If you actually sat down in a room with these people and were allowed to ask them questions, and they had to be honest with you, if they told you the truth you either wouldn’t understand, or you would roll your eyes, you would laugh at them.

The problem with somebody in an organization like that is not only are they separated from you. They’re separate from you because they cannot relate to you. Because what you think is, is not what they think is. That’s first and foremost, and that’s by design by that which sucked them into it.

They’re also controlled by an oath with fear and it’s not just fear of death, they’ll use threats of the unknown because these people are shown different templates of reality and they say we control that too, so if you do this it’s not over when you die, we’ll get you here, here, and here. They don’t know any difference. They can’t prove that isn’t happening; that that won’t happen.

That’s the fear of the unknown. When are you subjected to the fear of the unknown? When you look outside yourself for meaning. They are answering to a consciousness that overwhelms them and can speak through anyone, they know it. If they want to ask it a question they can look at a cloud. So that can be overwhelming for them, and I understand that.

secret society

My intent is not to point my finger at anybody, or anything on any scale. People in these societies are sucked in, then they’re blackmailed. Because even though they believe they have all of this knowledge, some of it is filtered in their mind by the consciousness that controls their minds. So they don’t think about certain things.

Controlling of their mind to make them deviate in a way that society would want to pick up stones and through them at them. Because society is corrupt too, that’s why they’re so judgmental. These people are scared of that type of persecution. I understand that. I’m not going to point my finger at them for being scared of it, rather I would like to go through it in some ways myself, and show them that it’s worth it, and show them their own value.

I want to show everybody value, I’m not polarized here. Because that’s what’s in my heart. If I feel like a healer, how can I look at somebody with a disease and just focus on their behavior, and be too stupid to recognize that their behavior is a result of a condition. Now if I have true wisdom wouldn’t I address the condition?

I would only focus on somebody’s conduct throughout their life if I had a very small mind and had no capabilities, no abilities, no talent, no gift to give, no ability to create. My desire is to heal both myself, and everything I see, and not carry the whole world on my shoulders when I do it, but rather be moment, to moment.

Since everybody else is ignoring the problem, the majority, I say wait a minute, that person doesn’t have to be that way. They don’t have to be corrupt, and I know it because I’ve watched my own corruption get healed. So if it can happen for me, I know it can happen for somebody else. I would be a fool to blind myself to the whole picture and not take everything into account. That includes my own behavior, my own path because that’s where I’m going to get any knowledge from anyway.

That’s it for the transcript.  I hope you enjoyed it and found it as thought provoking as I did.  I’m off to Las Vegas first thing tomorrow morning so this may be my last post for the week.  Since my time off from the blog I’ve come up with much better ways for creating content and ensuring there’s always something in the pipeline.  As long as I can keep that going strong I won’t run out of posts to create or feel pressured to keep producing any longer.

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    I have listened to the full series before hand. I have been trying to figure out who this guy is “John”
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      Honestly I have no idea who he is. My guess is if he wanted to be known he would be. Seems like someone with a lot of knowledge of the Occult though, as hinted at in the series. Every once in awhile I check to see if the next video of the series has been released but not sure if there will be a next video as this point.

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