Ancient Knowledge Transcribed

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Today I’m going to do something a little different.  Instead of writing my thought’s I’ve transcribed something that I found to be fascinating from a YouTube video.  It’s actually from a series of videos called Ancient Knowledge which can be found at this YouTube channel.  The entire series is quite interesting and well worth your time.  As mentioned in my last post (10Ways To Start Saving Money Now) I don’t pay for cable so I tend to find these kind of videos more enjoyable and will often watch them on my TV with Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player.  I’ve … Read More

Andy RandonAncient Knowledge Transcribed

10 Ways To Start Saving Money Now

10 tips to start saving money now

My goal is to no longer be obligated to work a 9-5 job to survive. I don’t want to work for someone else, or any purpose other than my own. The problem is right now I’m trading my time for money and then trading that money to pay bills and buy things. Money is just the middle man as a universal means of exchange. When I fill up my gas tank it doesn’t actually cost me $50. It costs me the amount of time needed to generate that income. Whether I give my all for 40 hours, or I slack … Read More

Andy Randon10 Ways To Start Saving Money Now

Purpose Redefined – Bringing The Blog Back To Life

The last post I wrote was in January 2013.  At the time of writing this, it’s now August 18, 2014.  Thinking back, so much has changed in my life since then. I always have been busy, but between then and now I’ve been exceptionally busy.  I still am, but I’ve realized that writing and sharing my ideas was one of the things that kept me level headed, and helped me maintain my composure throughout stressful times. With that being said I’m back.  I thought about creating a new blog for quite some time but there’s no sense in reinventing when  I already … Read More

Andy RandonPurpose Redefined – Bringing The Blog Back To Life