Self Development and Relationships


When I started my journey into conscious self development I set out on that course because I wanted to improve my life.  I wanted to improve the person I was becoming, and I wanted to continuously grow in every area of my life.  There was hope for a better future, better relationships, more success, more happiness and achievement.  I believed that if I could grow in all these areas of my life, I could obtain all the things I ever wanted out of life, and ultimately achieve a feeling of fulfillment. Those were all great ideals, but often times the … Read More

Andy RandonSelf Development and Relationships

How to Build Muscle – By An Ectomorph Who Managed to Gain 65 Pounds

How to build muscle

Hey man, you wanna build some muscle man?  You do?  Well that’s good man, you at the write blog post. What’s up everybody.  In a previous post I mentioned how over the past years I’ve gotten into weight lifting and gained 65 pounds of mostly muscle over that time period.  I received an email asking about how I was able to go about doing that and some pointers on gaining muscle so I decided I’d write a post to cover some of the basics.     Let me start out by saying that I’m tall, I naturally have a smaller … Read More

Andy RandonHow to Build Muscle – By An Ectomorph Who Managed to Gain 65 Pounds