Going Deeper Into Fulfillment and Purpose


Hey everyone, I’m going to do things a little differently today, hope you don’t mind the change of pace.  Anyways, this blog is something I do as a hobby and I enjoy every second of it.  Unfortunately it’s the things we enjoy most that tend to get lost in the shuffle and we have the most difficulty finding the time for. But that’s no excuse for my lack of content lately.  Life’s been crazy and that’s to be expected at times.  After a series of frustrating events I hadn’t really been in the right mood to write anything motivational, or … Read More

Andy RandonGoing Deeper Into Fulfillment and Purpose

Set Your Goals – Planning For Achievement


Hello and Happy New Year!!! As I talked about in my previous post, I’ve been away on business leading right up to the holidays.  I was home in time to finish up my Christmas shopping last minute and enjoy the Holidays with my family and friends back home. Getting away from my home town and taking on a new city on my own was an awesome experience.  I’ve got a nice routine that keeps me productive and keeps me moving forward at home, but getting away from the familiar for awhile really helped me to grow in a lot of … Read More

Andy RandonSet Your Goals – Planning For Achievement