Working for Your Purpose Versus Someone Else’s

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Hey everyone, I hope all is well. Today I wanted to touch on the subject of finding fulfillment in your work, which to me comes down to working for your own purpose and not someone else’s. Most people are not working the job of their dreams and aside from a paycheck, are getting nothing out of their work. They trade their time for money and are content with that transaction. The key to gaining a sense of fulfillment from your work is knowing that it’s going to help you achieve you’re personal goals and allow you to get to the … Read More

Andy RandonWorking for Your Purpose Versus Someone Else’s

The Beginning! First Blog Post

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Welcome, I’m fairly excited to get things up and running.  As of now I’m new to pretty much everything about this.  Not only is this my first blog post, but it’s also the first domain I’ve ever owned.  But I’m going to get right to the one thing that’s not so foreign to me, which is writing. My vision for this blog is to create somewhat of a mastermind group of intelligent, driven, people who are looking for others with a similar outlook on life.  In my day to day life I have a lot of great friends and colleagues … Read More

Andy RandonThe Beginning! First Blog Post