Why Dream For The Distant Future When You Can Have It All Now?

Why Dream For The Distant Future When You Can Have It All Now?

Often times we look at the challenges before us and they can appear to be so massive that we believe that our efforts to overcome them are futile.  When this happens we give up without a fight, and our perception of those challenges being too big to overcome, becomes a reality.  What you expect to happen in life usually does, for better or for worse, so it’s important to pay attention to the limitations we impose upon ourselves as well as the failures we accept without putting forth any effort. It’s quite obvious to most rational people that a small … Read More

Andy RandonWhy Dream For The Distant Future When You Can Have It All Now?

Defining Your Purpose and Becoming Your Own Guru

Defining Your Purpose and Becoming Your Own Guru

What we call success is subjective depending upon who you ask, but what it boils down to is setting a purpose, clearly defining what it is you want to achieve, or who you want to become, and taking action towards making that ideal into a reality every day.  Becoming the person it takes to make those things happen for ourselves. When a person sets out on this path and start to build momentum, those closest to them begin to realize that this person isn’t like everyone else.  This person is doing things differently, and actually beginning to make things happen … Read More

Andy RandonDefining Your Purpose and Becoming Your Own Guru

How To Get Approved For A Business Loan

How to get approved for a business loan

If you own a business and you’re looking to finance an equipment purchase, real estate, a vehicle, line of credit, letter of credit, or whatever your lending needs may be, there are many variables that will be assessed by the bank when you go to apply. First and foremost, the bank will require you, and whoever else is going to guarantee the request with you, to sign something that permits them to pull personal credit reports for all guarantors on the request, which typically will be all owners with a significant ownership in the business.  It depends on the institutions … Read More

Andy RandonHow To Get Approved For A Business Loan

Why Content is King: Giving Back and Universal Truths

Why Content is King

As someone who writes a blog and has passion about doing so, one thing you always hope for is to get more traffic to the blog.  More eyes on your content in hopes to offer value, and establish a community based upon common interests. At the root of this effort what works best? How do you become established? How do you get your content out there, and shared with potentially millions of people? Is it SEO? Is it an investment in advertising? Networking with other bloggers and engaging potential readers on social media? Guest posts on an already established blog? … Read More

Andy RandonWhy Content is King: Giving Back and Universal Truths

The Power of Perseverance

The Power Of Perseverance

Today I want to jump right into things and talk about perseverance, working hard and maintaining a positive outlook even while struggling through the plateaus in life.  As of lately this is something that I’ve been dealing with in many areas of my life, so I definitely feel it’s important to reflect on, to provide insight, and also to help me collect my own thoughts around the matter. My personality has always been to set high expectations and push myself to achieve the things I want, with little tolerance for anything less.  This is possibly one of my greatest gifts, … Read More

Andy RandonThe Power of Perseverance

How the Federal Reserve and Banking System Operate

Federal Reserve Banking System

Below is another interesting video from YouTube along with a transcription I put together from one particular section of the video.  I hope you enjoy this unique perspective as much as I did.  It validates a lot of similar conclusions I’ve drawn myself along the way. And don’t let the video title deter you. Every human on this planet is enslaved whether they know it, or not. This is not the crude and primitive slavery of ancient times. It does not rely on whips and shackles to keep the oppressed in their place. These tools have been render obsolete by … Read More

Andy RandonHow the Federal Reserve and Banking System Operate

Empowering Mindset For Financial Freedom and Perseverance

self made wealth - perserverance

To me, financial success will never be something that comes easy.  There’s no quick fix.  There’s no simple one step that will solve all your problems.  To be financially successful you have to work hard.  Over time your hard work, intelligent actions, and the mitigation of the risks you take will, grow, evolve, and compound to a nice level of financial abundance as you acquire a deeper level of understanding.  From there the possibilities are endless depending on what your goals are and how far you want to take it. When successful people speak, there is always a vast amount of … Read More

Andy RandonEmpowering Mindset For Financial Freedom and Perseverance

What I’m Doing to Make Money Now

What I'm Doing to Make Money Now

Today I want to talk about things I’m doing now to make money, and what’s been working for me.  I’m a strong believer in creating multiple streams of income to get a head in life, and to get to where you want to be financially. What that means for me right now is debt free.  I don’t carry credit card debt, I paid for my car in cash, and when it comes to debt, my biggest concern right now are student loans. I started out with a principal balance of $45,000 and at the moment I’m down to $35,000 which … Read More

Andy RandonWhat I’m Doing to Make Money Now

Ancient Knowledge Transcribed

secret society

Today I’m going to do something a little different.  Instead of writing my thought’s I’ve transcribed something that I found to be fascinating from a YouTube video.  It’s actually from a series of videos called Ancient Knowledge which can be found at this YouTube channel.  The entire series is quite interesting and well worth your time.  As mentioned in my last post (10Ways To Start Saving Money Now) I don’t pay for cable so I tend to find these kind of videos more enjoyable and will often watch them on my TV with Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player.  I’ve … Read More

Andy RandonAncient Knowledge Transcribed

10 Ways To Start Saving Money Now

10 tips to start saving money now

My goal is to no longer be obligated to work a 9-5 job to survive. I don’t want to work for someone else, or any purpose other than my own. The problem is right now I’m trading my time for money and then trading that money to pay bills and buy things. Money is just the middle man as a universal means of exchange. When I fill up my gas tank it doesn’t actually cost me $50. It costs me the amount of time needed to generate that income. Whether I give my all for 40 hours, or I slack … Read More

Andy Randon10 Ways To Start Saving Money Now